Screening For Penny Stocks While The Iran Situation Boils

We are spending the day today screening some penny stocks looking for good stocks to buy that match our criteria for “bullish buying” to report on.

Until tomorrow, wanted to leave you with a discussion we had in the office yesterday about the Straits of Hormuz that led to the following:

What would happen to the world economy if Iran were attacked?

#1) The Price Of Oil Would Skyrocket –

One of the very first things a war with Iran would do is that it would severely constrict or even shut down oil shipments through the Strait of Hormuz. Considering the fact that approximately 20% of the world’s oil flows through the Strait of Hormuz, world oil markets would instantly be plunged into a frenzy. In fact, some analysts believe that oil prices would rise to $250 per barrel.

#2) Fear Would Explode In World Financial Markets –

Even without a war, the dominant force in world financial markets in 2010 is fear. We are already seeing unprecedented volatility in financial markets around the globe, and there is nothing like a war to turn fear into a full-fledged panic. And what happens when panic grips financial markets? What happens is that they crash.

#3) World Trade Would Instantly Seize Up –

Once upon a time the economies of the world were relatively self-contained, so a war in one area would not necessarily wreck economies all over the globe. But all of that has changed now. Today, the economies of virtually every nation are highly interdependent. That has some advantages, but it also has a lot of disadvantages.

#4) Massive Inflation –

A huge jump in the price of oil and dramatically increased military spending by the U.S. government would most definitely lead to price inflation. We would probably see a dramatic rise in interest rates as well. In fact, it is quite likely that if a war with Iran does break out we would see a return of “stagflation” – a situation where prices are rapidly escalating but economic growth as a whole is either flat or declining.

Feel Free to leave your comments. We would like to know what you think.


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