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Premier Brands (BRND) rocks the
red-hot $100 billion energy drink market
– and Wall Street
4000 profits
A profit opportunity this powerful hasn’t popped up since Hansen soared 4,695% with the launch of Monster Energy and turned $25,000 into millions.Premier Brands (BRND) packs the same dynamite profit potential for investors. The company owns the next-big-thing in energy drinks. And is building an empire penetrating not just a $100 billion market, but a $795 billion market.
Suddenly, whether or not you call your broker about this innovative consumer-product incubator, Premier Brands’ (BRND) share price could be on its way from $1.00 to double digits.
By then, Wall Street will probably catch on. And with the attention, profit-thirsty traders could be guzzling BRND to cash in on the massive energy drink market, giving early birds like you another sudden giant leap toward its Hansen-like profit target.
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Star-1  Next-generation products rocking the red-hot
$100 billion beverage market. Cutting-edge nutraceutical consumer products tapping into a $641 billion market, including exclusivity for a line of high-demand vitamins. Superior management led by the man who wrote the book on building beverage empires, Jorge Olson.
If you were a beverage executive, just learning that Jorge Olson is Premier’s new President would have you on the phone with your broker before you read the next paragraph. You’d have all the confidence in the world that his young company could be capable of turning every $5,000 into $50,000 very quickly and potentially more than $200,000 in profit longer term.And if you were in the industry, you’d know that Premier’s marketing-distribution channel gives all its products an extraordinary advantage – the company’s cutting-edge products enjoy a near-exclusive pipeline to high-traffic stores competitors can’t penetrate.Premier Brands opened more than 1,000 retail accounts, in just 3 months, including:
Logos Corporate

  Circle K
  Arco AM/PM
  Plus rock-solid relationships with hundreds of thousands of independent supermarkets and convenience stores saturating America… and Mexico!

Convenience stores, known in the business as c-stores, ring up about $54.3 billion in sales each year. The fastest-growing products in c-stores include ready-to-drink coffee, sports drinks and energy drinks.And Premier is flooding their c-store distribution pipeline with products today’s consumers demand: energy drinks, vitamin drinks, sports drinks and more. I’ll tell you about these profit drivers in a moment. First, let me tell you about the man driving the company to new heights.
Jorge Olson is not just another beverage industry executive, you see. He wrote the book that inspired Premier Brands and thousands of others in the industry, Build Your Beverage Empire.And Mr. Olson is more fired up for breakthrough success than ever. He comes to Premier with 10 years of C-level management experience and he’s already:
Zizzazz Dollar Launched more than 1,000 different consumer products
Zizzazz Dollar Owned several distribution companies, as well as 3 consumer-goods companies
Zizzazz Dollar Exported consumer goods to Mexico, including 5-Hour Energy, Rockstar Energy Drink and Monster Energy Drink
Zizzazz Dollar Sold to convenience stores, supermarkets and pharmacies throughout America
Zizzazz Dollar Served as advisor to consumer goods companies as well as institutional investors
This might be the first you’ve heard of Jorge Olson. However he has advised companies like Wells Fargo, Prudential, Fidelity, Chase and many more… Coke, Pepsi, Hansen, Dr. Pepper, Snapple… they’ve all paid Olson to advise them.If you’re ready to put major money on a stock, or an entrepreneur wanting to buy or launch a beverage, Jorge would probably be your first call. The reason…
More than 6,000 beverage executives subscribe to his industry newsletters, including executives from Red Bull, Monster Energy, Fiji Water, Rockstar Energy, Dr. Pepper, Snapple Group, Vitamin Water, Frito-Lay, Hershey’s, even Emergen-C and 5-Hour Energy and dozens more. He has worked on projects with several of these companies – plus Proctor & Gamble, SAB Miller Beer and other high-profile fortune companies.Almost all the energy-drink stars tapped into Olson’s uncanny knack for identifying blockbuster beverages ahead of almost everyone else… and bringing them to market.
But when Olson discovered Premier’s unique energy product, ZizZazz, he saw so much potential he not only advised the company, he became the company’s President.
Left Bracket Are you starting to see what I see? ZizZazz has the potential to turn every$5,000 into $50,000 quickly and more than $200,000 in profit longer term. And that means… Right Bracket
Crosshead Zizzazz Rich
“ZizZazz” is my new way of saying “Hurray!”It’s also the name of Premier Brand’s cutting-edge product,ZizZazz Explosive Energy Drink Mix. This product breakthrough is huge, for Premier Brands and its early investors.Jorge Olson says this is “the next big thing in energy drinks” because…
ZizZazz Energy is new and unique. It packs the powerful get-up-and-go punch energy drinkers crave, but in a stick, like dynamite. It’s in powdered format.
Jorge’s secret: “Don’t compete in a category, create a category!” He adds, “We’re launching a new category of product called the Powder Category.”
That’s why I believe this is your chance to potentially make 10 times your money before this year is over, and a mind-blowing 40 times your money in the years to come. Act now! Talk to your broker about BRND today.You see, instead of creating another energy drink, or another energy shot and going head to head against billion-dollar companies, Premier is launching a new “delivery system” that will take the industry by storm. The company is creating a portfolio of products in ready to drink, individually packed sticks.Each energy stick delivers an explosive 200 mg of caffeine. This delicious dynamite can be mixed with water. Or taken straight, like candy. And it’s delicious!
ZizZazz Explosive Energy comes in four wildly popular flavors: pomegranate mango, cherry lime, tangerine and lemon raspberry. Tasty as it is, ZizZazz is almost sugar free, less than 1g of sugar, And because of that, there’s no “crash” afterwards. Consumers of all ages love it… even those on diets.Besides giving consumers an instant and lasting energy jolt, this cutting-edge product is also loaded with good-for-you vitamins, including A, C, E, B1, B5, B6, B12, green tea, Rhodioa roses and Ginseng. Today’s label-reading consumers won’t find a single reason not to use ZizZazz.
If you like a lot of bang for your buck, you’ll love all the…
Unlike other energy drinks, ZizZazz doesn’t need refrigeration. This makes it much cheaper to package, ship, display in stores, purchase and consume
ZizZazz does not require a lot of space to store so there is a lot of savings in storage. And shipping is downright cheap. It could cost $40.00 to ship just one case of energy drinks across the country – but 24 cases of ZizZazz can be shipped for that same price, enough to stock 24 stores!
ZizZazz is placed in stores where consumers see it instantly – at the counter and on the refrigerator doors next to the water. In fact, ZizZazz is the only energy drink that can be displayed and sold at the counter, right next to the register, which is the hottest real estate in any store.

The energy sticks are flying off the shelves in thousands of convenience stores right now. And Premier just signed a contract with the sales agent who’s famous for selling into Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Target.

Sure to follow – Walgreens, Kroger, Costco, CVS, GNC, and Vitamin Shop, too. They’ll all want to carry the hottest new beverage breakthrough, too. Acting on this information today could easily make you a fortune off a modest BRND buy.
Plus, Premier is now in position to add more than 150,000 additional independent retailers in Mexico, often dubbed the “thirstiest” nation in the world because it is the largest consumer of soda per person on earth.
Are you energized over owning BRND yet? Can you see why you could turn every $5,000 into $50,000 quickly and potentially reward yourself with more than $200,000 in profit longer term. Now is your chance to grab this opportunity – before it’s too late.
And there’s more! in Mexico alone…
Energy-drink sales have been on fire for years, growing up to 75% a year in the United States. In Mexico, growth is 200% a year.The red-hot Mexican beverage market is up for grabs and Premier is in line to snatch up big chunks of market share. Let me tell you why.Monster and Rockstar are struggling to penetrate the Mexican market that’s now dominated by Red Bull’s astounding 90% market share. But ZizZazz could easily steal customers away from Red Bull.
Premier’s secret: 75% of beverage sales in Mexico happen in mini markets and mom-and-pop stores and gas stations. This is Premier’s unique strength – convenience store (c-store) distribution, a market channel that’s always been difficult for competitors to penetrate, especially in Mexico. But one mastered by Premier and Jorge Olson.
Now are you beginning to see why I call BRND the perfect stock? And why people like you could stand to make 1,000% quickly turning into a 4,000% return, similar to the stellar performance of Monster Energy.
Just in case, let me give you some background, so you can put Premier’s astounding potential in perspective.
Crosshead Laughed
Red Bull kicked off the energy-drink explosion in 1997, when a 12-ounce can of Coke sold for 50¢. Distributors and retailers laughed at Red Bull’s $1.99 price – for a tiny 8-ounce can, no less.Now Red Bull is the one laughing – all the way to the bank – with $4 billion in sales each year. Imagine that! From zero in sales to $4 billion since 1997. But you couldn’t profit because Red Bull is private.The first chance for people to make money off the energy drink explosion came when publicly traded Hansen Natural launched a 16-ounce can of get-up-and-go called Monster Energy. Ordinary people became wealthy as Hansen soared 4,695%. Today, Hansen’s Monster Energy is actually distributed by Coke.

Then 5-Hour Energy had retailers and distributors doubled over in laughter again in 2005. Who would pay $3 for a 2-ounce bottle? That’s crazy, or so they thought.

Ha, ha. Now, just seven years later, 5-Hour is ringing up around $1 billion in sales per year, according to The Wall Street Journal. But 5-Hour isn’t a good opportunity because like Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy is private, too.

Pent-up demand alone could send Premier Brands (BRND) through the clouds
Until now, fast-profit seeking people have been shut out. BRND is the first chance for regular people to get rich off the massive explosion of energy drinks since Hansen.
You see, of the top 5 energy drinks, 2 are private, 2 are absorbed in the giant beverage portfolios of Coke and Pepsi, and then there’s Hansen Natural, which, as I mentioned, is now distributed by Coke.Hansen’s Monster Energy stock jumped 12% in one day, on April 30, 2012, when it came out that Coke might be buying it. But Monster’s mega-spike days are over. Don’t forget, it has already rewarded its followers with profits greater than 4,000%. And if Coke buys it outright, well, giant blue chips like Coke rarely (if ever) create explosive profits.BRND is poised to catapult investors into the 1,000%+ Winners Club this year. Call your broker today!

Take a look at the top 5 selling energy drinks and the company’s that own them. Not much of a buy list for people seeking big fat fast profits, it is?

Top 5 Drinks
Owned by
Owned by
Coca Cola
Owned by
New on the market: MioEnergy. It’s an energy mix, too, like ZizZazz and selling fast, too, like ZizZazz.But MioEnergy is a liquid. What’s more, it’s owned by blue-chip Kraft Foods, already a giant company, like Coke and Pepsi. Growth is not explosive. Neither are profits.
I believe BRND is the first chance for ordinary folks to get rich off the massive explosion of energy drinks since Hansen benefited from pent-up demand and shot up over 4,000%.
Monster won’t reward folks with another 4,000% surge any time soon. Neither will Coke or Pepsi. But Premier Brands could and then BRND could keep on climbing over 4,000% higher, the way Hansen did. 4000 Act Now
Coke and Pepsi are well aware of Jorge Olson’s remarkable track record, which leads me to think takeover rumors could be brewing as you read this.According to CLSA analyst Caroline Levy, Coke is deploying capital strategically, and she notes that the company’s energy portfolio is lacking, a hole that could only likely be plugged by the purchase of major brand like Monster (likely) or Red Bull (likely not for sale).
And when Coke and Pepsi spend, they spend big! Coke bought Vitaminwater for more than $4 billion 4 Billion
 Coke paid $43 million for 40% of Honest Tea in 2008 and a few months
ago scooped up the other 60% for an undisclosed sum.
 Coke paid $750 million for Fuse 750 Million
• Coke shelled out $715 million just for the distribution rights for Dr.
Pepper-Snapple Group.
 Pepsi acquired Tropicana for $3.5 billion 3.5 Billion
• Pepsi just bought out V Water for an undisclosed sum, which you can bet
was a boatload of bucks.
 Pepsi, Coke, or even a pharmaceutical company could get into a bidding war over Premier Brands (BRND). Pfizer just this year paid a rumored $1 billion for Emergen-C, a powdered vitamin mix that sells more than $150 million a year and, by the way, Emergen-C is one of the companies Premier’s CEO Jorge Olsonconsulted.
Should a bidding war for BRND erupt, you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t act on this information today. But even if takeover talks stall or fail to develop, you’ll still be sitting pretty owning BRND. The reason, and it’s the main reason I expect people who act early on BRND will get ten times, if not 100 times returned in long term profits.
Under the leadership of Mr. Olson, BRND looks to keep climbing up the charts as Premier Brands continues to grab bigger shares of:
 the $641 billion drug, cosmetic and toiletry wholesaling industry
 the $100 billion beverage industry
 and the $54 billion in sales rung up just by convenience stores stretching
across America.
That’s a $795 billion pie and Premier Brands is hungry.
The energy drink market alone could propel BRND up the chart in a hurry. But the company gives regular market participants many more reasons to cheer.
The ZizZazz product line also captures sports and fitness enthusiasts, as well as the fast growing segment of the population that’s hyper health conscious. This would include America’s Baby Boomers… their children… and their grandchildren.
Coke and Pepsi offer nothing like this: Premier’s ZizZazz Extreme Fitness Formula provides sports and fitness enthusiasts with essential ingredients that maximize workouts. The company even has a vitamin breakthrough that’s targeted to children. This could heighten takeover talks not just from Coke and Pepsi but from drug companies, too.
Kids Love
In addition to ZizZazz Extreme Energy and ZizZazz Extreme Fitness, Premier Brands also owns a breakthrough product for kids.
It’s called Kidz Zazz and kids love it because it tastes like candy. Parents love buying it for their children because Kidz Zazz is actually a potent multivitamin that supplies all the essential nutrients growing kids need, but don’t always get from the foods they eat.But Jorge Olson’s empire building doesn’t stop with ZizZazz. Premier is also tapping into the massive vitamin market not just with Kidz Zazz, but also with the exclusive distribution rights to the Make Me line of vitamins, includingMake Me Vitamin C and Make Me Multivitamin.
With America’s population aging (11,000 Baby Boomers a day will turn age 65 for the next 17 years!), an increased concern over health is already underway. And with medical costs rising, folks are quickly gravitating to products that offer health benefits.


And Remember to Always:

– Do Your Own Research.
– Trade Responsibly.
– Verify Everything.
– Move Fast or Get Left Behind.
– Do not Use Market Orders to Enter a Position, Use Limit Orders.
– Have a System That fits You.
– If a Stock Gaps Open, Look for Pullbacks to Enter.
– Plan a Trade and Trade a Plan.
– Always Use Stop Loss Orders to Protect Yourself.
– Positive Attitude / Positive Self- Belief.
– Keep Penny Stock Trading as Part of a Balanced life.
– If a Stock Breaks Below Our Alert Price GET OUT. Do not wait.
– View Trading as a Score in Points and Not In Money:
– Always Take Your Profits Whenever You Can. Do Not Be Greedy.
– Work Hard at Learning How to Trade Properly and Keep Working.
– Do Something to make Someone Else’s Life Better Today.

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