Original SoupMan® (SOUP) Shelf-Stable Soups Available at The Fresh Market Stores

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Soupman, Inc. (SOUP)

Soupman, Inc. (SOUP), the publicly traded owner of Original SoupMan®, the long-adored and best-tasting soup brand in the world, announced today that it will be shipping its first batch of shelf-stable, eco-friendly carton soups to The Fresh Market, http://www.thefreshmarket.com, for placement in September on their grocery shelves across the country.

The Fresh Market based in Greensboro, NC operates 115 stores in 21 states.

Arnold Casale, CEO of Soupman Inc. said “The Fresh Market has inviting, comfortable and convenient stores that convey the atmosphere of an old world European market, which are also the characteristics of our wonderful soups. We are thrilled to have Al’s soups at The Fresh Market”.

“Our plan is to market our famous soups this Fall and beyond, featuring our celebrated partners, Shaquille O’Neal, Reggie Jackson, Tim Gannon and Jason Alexander, to make Original SoupMan carton soups available wherever people are shopping for the most delicious soups they can find at an affordable price”, Casale added.

SoupMan’s new shelf-stable carton soups enable The Original SoupMan’s soups to be in the main soup aisle along with Campbell’s® (CPB) and Progresso® (GIS) soups, where over $6 billion in annual soup purchases occur, allowing soup fans nationwide to enjoy the same spectacular ingredients and innovative favors that have made the New York City flagship storefront, a soup Mecca since 1984.

The Fresh Market will carry all 4 varieties: Lobster Bisque, Chicken Noodle, Lentil and Tomato Bisque, all featuring the eclectic flavoring and spices for which our brand is famous. These soups are delectable meals on their own and make wonderful dishes which recipes are on the package including Lobster Ravioli.

For interview requests with Shaquille O’Neal, Jason Alexander, Reggie Jackson or management, images, or additional information, please contact:

Robert N. Bertrand

Source: Business Wire


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