Wellness Center USA (WCUI): Space Age Design For Dermatology

Look what we found: Wellness Center USA (WCUI)

We came across a group out of Chicago, which intends to grow via the acquisition and development of Alternative Healthcare service businesses. They have acquired (or launched) three business units since being formed in 2010. Their most recent acquisition of Psoria-Shield Inc (to be completed) is what excites us most.

We first came across the company a few weeks ago after an introduction from an aggressive investor. While we like and embrace “alternative” health care (nutraceuticals, biofeedback, acupuncture, etc) and while we see the need and value of a publicly traded company rolling-up the thousands of alternative health providers out there — it wasn’t until an announcement a few days ago, that they signed an agreement to acquire a start-up in Tampa which just received FDA clearance to market a device called “PSORIA-LIGHT” to treat skin ailments, did we get excited about the potential.

This IS NOT a device currently being developed and “worked on” and seeking future approval by the FDA. It is an “actual” working product and has FDA clearance. In addition the Psoria-Light is the latest accomplishment of Psoria-Shields medical engineering team, the same team which previously developed over 40 FDA cleared, CE marked, ISO manufactured Class II medical devices sold worldwide.

#1. Psoria-Light Model PS 1000 received FDA Clearance and was announced by the Company in February of 2011 (we have FDA filing below).
#2. PS 1000 is currently being used (proven) by a highly respected practicing Physician (Dr. Seth Forman) in Tampa, FL.
#3. ABC News brought a film camera crew to Dr. Forman’s office to tape (and air) actual treatments for Psoriasis and Vitiligo (see links below).
#4. Approximately 7.5 million people in the US alone suffer from Psoriasis.
#5. Approximately 15 million people in the US alone suffer from Eczema.
#6. Approximately 65 million people suffer from Vitiligo worldwide, 2 million in the US.
#7. The device can be operated by medical assistants and technicians (meaning attractive profit margins for the practice).
#8. The device sells has a price near $60,000.
#9. Treatment (for Psoriasis) is approximately $75-100 per session.
#10. The number of treatments can be as little as ten, to a many as 40 (meaning $1000 per patient as a minimum).
#11. .The average treatment can range from under one minute to over 20 minutes depending on severity.

The company does not intend on opening a chain of dermatological clinics to provide treatments for the millions of people who suffer from Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Eczema, Seborrheic dermatitus and Leukoderma — but rather it intends to sell the device to the thousands of dermatological clinics currently existing here and abroad. The American Academy of Dermatology has 17,000 members — to put things in perspective.

As a thumb of rule, 11% of the world’s population suffers from some skin ailment, to put things in even more perspective. This is a very simple story and the bottom line, in our opinion, is that this is “the” best product on the market today — and inevitably, creme rises to the top.

The technology behind their “deep and targeted” (we’ll explain shortly) UV LED technology was jointly developed and utilized for photoelectron generation projects by Stanford University, NASA Ames Research Center, NASA  Goddard Space Flight Center, the European Space Agency (ESA) and DARPA.

The company is very thinly traded, is totally unknown on Wall Street and reasonably priced in our opinion with a market value near $25 million (pre-merger), considering the size of their market and (also in our opinion), how much better their treatment methodology is for skin ailments vs older competing technology.

We’re working on a “fuller” report for distribution later today and an even more comprehensive report (charts, bios, videos) over the weekend, for distribution Monday morning. The follow-up report will additionally cover competing products.

This is a heads up describing how in parallel — both Wellness Center USA Inc. (WCUI) and Psoria-Shield Inc. were formed, up until the recent announcement of a potential merger. In addition after moving up nearly every single day on light volume since going public, we witnessed some volatility yesterday and potential beginnings of an actively traded market and hence an opportunity to initiate a position.

In a coming report we will address the per-clinic economics, such as how many patients will a Doctor need to see on a weekly business, to cover the cost of the device, otherwise known as ROI. The numbers we can tell you are fantastic.

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