MDMC Stock Pump: Marine Drive Mobile And The Next Groupon

The Internet’s Newest Sector Is So Young It’s Still Learning To Walk, Yet Coupons Are Already Generating Billions Of Dollars In Brand New Revenues With No End In Site

And, Marine Drive Mobile (MDMC) Could Be
YOUR EASIEST WAY To Play Coupons Today!

Here is the brutal fact about investing in Internet companies.

You are not investing in their products – no matter how desirable or effective they may be.

No, when you invest in an Internet company you are investing in human capital… brainpower!

You’re putting your money on the brains that run the company… the people who develop breakthrough products and ideas… the people whose breakthroughs propel a company forward.

Groupon Is Already Yesterday’s News…
It Will Be Eclipsed By A New Startup Company
That Is Set To Emerge

What you are about to see in this special research report is one of the most exciting Internet development teams that is located outside of Cupertino, California and Redmond, Washington.

As individuals, this team has already helped put some of the world’s great companies on the map… companies such as PayPal, Electronic Arts, Motorola, Citigroup, Accenture, Best Buy, and Yahoo!.

Now, they have come together to create what at first glance looks as if it is the first real radical change – a breakthrough – in the Internet’s daily-deal coupon sector.

Because of that, this could be the one company you could bet on to make sense out of the super-heated coupon sector that’s currently dominated by companies such as Groupon and Living Social.

GAME ON For Investors Who
Love Internet Startups

And, while it would be fair to note that Groupon and Living Social are responsible for reigniting the world’s love affair with discount coupons…

The team you’re about to meet is led by successful businessmen who have generated proven results… today they run a company called Marine Drive Mobile (MDMC)… a tech-savvy Internet startup that has drawn the big coupon players into it sights.

Just as it is with many tech startups, MDMC stock currently trades for under $1.

But MDMC is set roll out a new, highly evolved coupon delivery service that could send its shares flying… and make dinosaurs out of the coupon sector’s slow moving giants.

This is because MDMC’s approach solves the biggest problem in the online coupon industry…

It allows people seeking discounts to avoid being pummeled by a shotgun approach and instead find coupons specific to their interests.
And, unlike the Groupon model, MDMC’s approach is far better for the merchants offering coupons – right down to the ability to collect all their cash at the point of sale.

Marine Drive Mobile Is Poised To Help Drive The
Internet Coupon Sector From $6.5 Billion This Year
To $31 Billion In The Next Three Years…

The Marketplace – The Tiniest Slice Of This Red-Hot Sector Could Rapidly Propel MDMC’s Shares To $14.45… A 2,678% Gain! The Internet’s daily-deal coupon sector is, quite simply, the Wild, Wild West. It’s an exciting new frontier and the action is intense. So intense that if Marine Drive Mobile could claim but one half of one percent of the market – just 0.5% – it would be a $32 million company this year and a $151 million in three years. Yes, that’s still small, but…The Rewards Are Huge – The $6 Billion Kiss Off. Industry leader Groupon had but $30.9 million in sales in 2009… it had a net loss of more than $385 million last year and guess what? Groupon turned down a $6 billion buyout offer… in the days after its recent IPO, Groupon was valued as high as $13 billion. That’s the Wild, Wild West for you… it’s brazen… it’s outlandish… it’s where fortunes can be made in the blink of an eye.

But You Must Get In Now…
There’s $6.5 BILLION Up For Grabs Now…
$31 BILLION Up For Grabs In The Next Three Years

Now, here’s why owning MDMC at an incredibly low price today could put you on track to cash out a tremendous gain – perhaps as much a 2,678% in the near term!

Huge stock market buzz and massive media saturation mean that the world is now well familiar with a host of daily-deal coupon sites like Groupon and Living Social.

Their popular coupon model of marketing has created a billion dollar industry in a few short years.

But, while there is huge upside for consumers, the daily-deal coupon model has created a significant downside for businesses and merchants.

You see, while consumers may be getting a great deal, merchants get somewhat of a raw deal.

In most cases they surrender 50% of the revenue to the coupon company and then to add injury to insult, they’re stuck waiting up to 60 days before the coupon distributor, such as Groupon, pays them for the sale.

The Ultimate Coupon Win-Win

MDMC’s coupon model is exactly the opposite of the current daily deal model. It honors the needs of the merchant and the consumer equally… MDMC makes it win-win for both.

There are two primary reasons for this.

First, MDMC makes the deal site model feasible from a financial standpoint for the merchants because it doesn’t charge them a dime for the service… or even take a cut of the revenue from their sales.

Second, and equally important, MDMC provides merchants with an array of technology tools built to streamline processes, automate actions and improve reporting and control.

These services range from accounting and inventory for the deals to QR codes and mobile commerce tools.

Power To The Merchant and Consumer Alike

Unlike the Groupon model, which jealously controls all aspects of the coupon transaction, MDMC puts powerful technology into the hands of merchants and small businesses.

THE DIFFERENCE IS HUGE, because MDMC’s software allows merchants to create and deliver electronic coupons as easily as sending an email. MDMC effectively tears down the technical wall that hinders small businesses and merchants from using coupon technology.

Again, if a merchant of any size has the minimal tech savvy to send an email, it can set up and promote unlimited deals via MDMC’s software.

This allows the consumer to get a GREAT deal, but now the MERCHANT also gets a GREAT deal… and most importantly, collects the cash at the point of sale.

So, how, then, does MDMC make money… generate revenues that increase shareholder value?

The answer is shockingly simple.

Unlimited Expansion Potential

MDMC’s revenue model is built on transactions, not on grabbing a fat percentage of the merchant’s sale.

MDMC charges the consumer a tiny transaction fee for participating in a deal. The merchant pays nothing. What’s more, the merchant collects and keeps ALL the money from the sales.

Because of MDMC’s technology platform is a transaction-based model, MDMC looks as if it can take this growing industry in an entirely new and expandable directions.

After all, from the local diner, to the local country club, to massive retailers, what merchant wouldn’t want complete control of its discount coupon program?

This way of doing business is nothing short of revolutionizing the electronic coupon space by giving merchants of all sizes the ability to set up and promote unlimited deals.

MDMC Is Set To Create A Huge Buzz In The Internet
and Mobile Commerce Daily Coupon Sector…
It’s A Buzz You Need To Ride

In short, MDMC developed a transactional Mobile Commerce and Internet application for daily-deal coupons that is merchant-focused and consumer-friendly.

The MDMC model gives the merchant a coupon creation engine that makes the process of creating electronic coupons as easy as sending an email.

Grab on to
This Mega Trend Now!

It’s Why MDMC Could Quickly Jump

Today, 2.1 billion people are wired to the Internet.
The smartphone in your pocket is more powerful than the computer you used 10 years ago…
330 million smartphones will be sold this year.
There will be 1 billion smartphone users in the next 19 months
iPads and other tablet computers are set to dominate the computer market… 42 million tablets will be sold this year.
Smartphones are the future of m-commerce and coupon delivery and MDMC is ready now with its cutting edge m-Commerce platform.

Ultimately, MDMC’s technology should create a positive impact on local economies by driving sustainable, repeat traffic to local businesses.

The Online Coupon Sector Is Expanding At Supersonic Speed

Last year was the first time there was an increase in coupon redemption in 17 years, according to a study by Inmar Inc1.

Consumers redeemed 3.3 billion coupons, a 27% increase from 2008… and the highest usage since Inmar began tracking trends in 1988.

Better still, online coupon access increased 92% and redemption of those Internet deals leaped 360%.

The Inmar study also suggests that 1 in 5 people who receive an Internet coupon will redeem it!

So, MDMC’s Internet and m-Commerce coupon sector is smoking hot… the sector is responsible for the coupon’s rebirth!

From Zero To $713 Million
In Two Years… Unleash This
Power In Your Favor

In a moment, you’ll have all the details behind MDMC’s super tech-savvy management and development team. And, you’ll discover much more of the sound reasoning for why this startup is such a high-potential company.

But, first, here’s a stunning fact of why the coupon sector’s 800-pound gorilla is really more like a lightweight chimp.

Yes, as nearly everyone knows, the undisputed leader in the Internet’s daily-deal coupon sector is a company called Groupon.

Yet, get this, Groupon controls just 17% of the $6.5 billion Internet coupon sector.

What Groupon is really a master of is controlling media buzz.

Still, Groupon is a prime example of the sheer upward velocity that can overtake an Internet coupon company…

This pedal-to-the-metal velocity is also why you need to own MDMC right now while its shares trade for under $1.

Fastest Company Ever To $1 Billion In Sales

Right now, even though it had to restate some revenues numbers… Groupon is on track to become the fastest company ever to reach $1 billion in annual sales2.

Groupon is so young that in the second quarter of 2009, it had just $1.9 million in revenues… two years later, in the second quarter of 2011, Groupon reported $392 million in revenues… a stunning and rapid 21,531% expansion3.

Though it has never turned a profit, Groupon’s outlandish velocity indicates just how jet propelled the online coupon sector is… and how quickly MDMC could fly from under $1 to beyond $14…


You Already Know How Internet Stocks Work…
It’s The Second Wave Of Companies With
Improved Ideas That Generally Win

This is why your interest in MDMC must propel you to quick action.

The online coupon sector is still brand new… it is exploding… expanding at a breakneck pace.

Fortunes have already been made here!

Ride The Coupon Craze’s Second Wave With MDMC

Most importantly, new fortunes will continue to be made in this sector…

After all, the Internet coupon sector was just a small $90 million market in the U.S. in 2009.

Yet, is predicted to grow nearly 70 times larger to $6.5 billion by the end of this year, according to the New York-based trend research firm PSFK.

The m-commerce sector is predicted to keep growing fast because people love Internet coupons… so do retailers.

In fact, Forrester Research of Cambridge, MA, just issued a report in which its experts predict that m-commerce transactions on smartphones alone will increase five times in the next three years to $31 billion.

Grabbing just one half of one percent of that market would turn MDMC into a $155 million company… what could be an easily attainable feat…

This is why people who love tech startup companies need to jump into MDMC today, while its shares are still under $1… because this is where MDMC’s stellar management team appears to be driving the company.

And, it is a destination that could propel MDMC’s shares past $14 in the near term… a price that would create a 2,678% gain for people astute enough to buy MDMC today.

You could turn this potential 26X return into a small fortune by following one of the best management teams you may ever see at a publicly traded tech startup.

They’ve Worked For The Biggest And The Best…
Now They’ll Work For You

MDMC may be a startup company… perhaps it still should be private… but it smartly took an inexpensive route to the stock markets instead of a costly IPO.

This is why you must look at MDMC as if you were a tough, profit-hungry, Silicon Valley venture capitalist.

You know the Internet coupon market is… as you have just seen… a tech sector that is expanding at breakneck speed.

The next thing you want to check out is the people running MDMC… the brains.

Please prepare to be blown away… prepare to meet the team… then call your broker with news of the super-smart men running a company with a very low-priced stock.

Colin MacDonald – President & Founder – a seasoned executive, MacDonald has worked throughout North America at the Board and Executive levels for Accenture, Best Buy, ICBC, Oracle and Vancity. He is familiar with mission critical financial systems and high volume transaction processing, having been a “hands on” Senior Consultant to Sears, Shoppers Drug Mart, Yahoo, Rogers and Future Shop.Dave Froggatt – Technical Architect – was instrumental in developing platforms for PayPaland brings strong technical e-commerce and mobile development knowledge to the team. As a senior software developer, he is currently Senior SharePoint MOSS 2007 Developer at Electronic Arts, where his major projects include: EA Knowledge – A knowledge base including published articles, personal blog entries and a video streaming solution; EA People – Complete customization of SharePoint’s “My Site” including additional features such as custom menus, location map, colleagues pictures, an advance profile property editor.Anthony Charles – Director of Design – has 10 years experience designing and building large-scale projects for clients such as Sesame Street. Since 1995, he has been a multimedia developer, interactive designer and a co-owner of io media productions limited, a multimedia design and production service. Charles’ international portfolio includes clients such as Sesame Street, Ninth House, Motorola and Citigroup. Known for bringing a fresh, user-centric approach to mobile design, he teaches a variety of courses in new media and web design.Andrew Strauss – Chief Technical Officer – The co-founder leading the couponing platform, I Like A Deal, Strauss is committed to changing the way online collective buying takes place in the US. His strengths include managing Internet Technologies, leads operations, logistics and business development. Strauss has enjoyed more than 14 years of success in web development business, running a highly successful e-commerce pet supplies company prior to founding I Like a Deal.

MDMC’s Team Could Make You
2012’s Best Short-Term Profit


Groupon brags about its eccentric culture… it laughs because its CEO had to actually wear a suit to a meeting on Wall Street.

MDMC, on the other hand, is run by accomplished, whip-smart adults.

When you think of it in real-world terms, which team would you truthfully want your money with?

I thought so.

Let’s keep you in venture capitalist mode… you’ve seen the huge market… the crack team… now, it’s time to look MDMC’s current business.

It is the final reason why you need to get into MDMC now… at under $1… at what could be considered your sweet venture-capitalist discount.

To Create A Small Fortune Today, You Must
Piggyback On The Next Great Success Story

In every industry there are three or four people who are considered the “Main Men.” As you can see, Marine Drive has “main men.”

When their ideas jump off paper and become reality, these “main men” can create transcendent businesses… ones that reward early investors with gains that can exceed 30 even 100 times.

And, while much of what Marine Drive Mobile will become is still on paper, or has just jumped from design to reality here’s what’s going on today.

Golf Impact Snap Shot

As an example of golf’s stunning breadth… just look at how it affects a smaller state such as Washington.

By the way, I chose Washington, just to be fair… because in New York, Florida, Arizona and California the numbers would be out the roof.

Washington State’s golf industry generated a direct economic impact of $1.2 billion. Golf brings visitors to the state, drives new construction and residential development, generates retail sales, and creates demand for a myriad of goods and services. When the indirect and induced effects of golf-related activities are considered, Washington’s golf economy supported approximately $2.5 billion of economic activity, including $116 million in tax revenue, and over 29,000 jobs with $796.3 million in wage income.

With $1.2 billion in direct annual revenues, the golf industry supports economic activity comparable to several other important industries in the state: ship and boat building ($0.9 billion), wheat production ($1 billion), and seafood preparation and packaging ($1.6 billion).

A Breakthrough Way
To Deliver Coupons

More than just a coupon sector innovator, MDMC is doing something radical.

Instead of shotgun blasting a mass of daily deals in hope of finding takers, MDMC is focusing on hot segments of the market… these are called verticals.

MDMC has just entered the golf vertical… a smart move.

It is signing up golf courses that want to offer golfers daily-deal coupons for discounted rounds of golf.

FORE!… Could Start A Fortune
Built On A 26X Gain!

And, golf in the United States, is a mega business… nearly 40 million people combine to play more than 500 million rounds of golf each year.

According to the Golf Channel, Golf 2020, The World Golf Foundation and SRI International…

Golfers spend $19.7 billion a year to play golf.
They spend $4.7 billion on equipment (clubs, balls, bags, gloves, shoes).
Avid golfers (25+ rounds annually) make up the smallest player segment (23%), but accounted for 63% of all golf-related spending.
Golf courses paid nearly $150 million in corporate income tax last year.
In all, SRI International found that golf’s complete picture is that of a $76 billion industry that supports $195 billion in total economic activity and nearly 2 million jobs.

MDMC – Championing An Innovation In Coupon Power

eTeeoff is a coupon platform specifically built for the golf industry. It makes the process of creating, designing and launching deal coupons easy for merchants to manage. In fact, no design, web or mobile knowledge is required. If the merchant can send an email, they can set up an unlimited number of deals on eTeeoff.

Unlike other deal sites, eTeeoff offers merchants a zero-cost advertising platform to attract 100s and even 1000s of new customers.

For example, say a golf course is a little slow today and decides they have some tee times they’d like to promote…in a matter of minutes it can create a deal coupon, send it out and start seeing customers come in.

Or say the course golf pro checks his weekly calendar and has some openings for golf lessons he’d like to fill…he can set up a special deal and promote a limited number of coupons to fill those specific time slots.

Or perhaps the pro shop has extra inventory they want to move or they’d like to run a special promotion playing off of a recent national tournament or pro golfer in the news…it’s as simple as creating and sending the deal.

You get the idea.

With eTeeoff deals and coupon creation are unlimited for the merchants.

Additionally, they have complete control over their advertising. They can have one deal, two deals…or even…10 deals running at the same time. It’s up to them. They decide how many deals they want to run.

So the promotional power and possibilities of this platform are nearly limitless. What’s more, eTeeoff is completely FREE for the merchants.

Is it any wonder then that MDMC has gone after the golf market!

eTeeoff Is The Beginning Of The Future Of Internet Coupons

To that end, Marine Drive has just established company’s first market-ready lifestyle vertical property,

eTeeoff is an e-couponing solution that golfers can access either online or through their smartphones. The smartphones are key because many golfers now load GPS rangefinders on their phones that tell them how far they are away from the pin on the hole they are playing.

eTeeoff now allows golf courses an exciting new way to reach golfers’ smartphones and send out mobile offers and promotions that drive sales and keep marketing costs low.

It gives golf courses unprecedented freedom and flexibility to manage, design, and promote their own golf products and services in ways that were previously only available through online group buying services such as Groupon.

But there is a huge difference between Groupon and Marine Drive Mobile’s coupon platform.

It’s the difference that should change the Internet and m-commerce coupon game forever.

MDMC’s coupon platform allows merchants (in this case golf courses) to send out their own coupons… it’s as easy a sending an email.

The Fees Could Lead You
To A 2,678% Return

Golfers then pay a small transaction fee to MDMC in order to secure the deal and download the coupon. Then the golfer presents the coupon to the golf course to claim the discount.

Best of all, golfers can, of course, print the coupon from their computers, or store it on their smart phones. That way they can’t forget or misplace it.

So, a golfer would be offered a 50% discount off of a round of golf for two… let’s say a $30 savings. To claim the coupon, the golfer would pay MDMC a small transaction fee, say $5, probably less… then download the coupon and bring it to the golf course.

And – this is huge – unlike with Groupon, which collects the entire value of the coupon up front, with MDMC the golf course actually collects the money, the green fees from the golfer. Where, with Groupon, the golf course would have to wait as long as 60 days for Groupon to pay it.

Again, this is a tremendous game-changing difference.

Cash Flow Is King

If you are a businessman or woman you know that cash flow is king… getting paid on the spot for the services you render is how you manage your business’s cash.

This is why failing businesses gamble with Groupon as a last resort, and why viable, healthy businesses, like golf courses will be drawn to MDMC’s coupon platform.

In the end, this is the radical evolution of the coupon… it replaces the shotgun blast approach with a high-quality target approach.

It is the prime example of how MDMC intends to grow – it intends to offer a high-end coupon service to growing and economically healthy industries… such as golf.

MDMC Revolutionizing The Coupon Industry

Ultimately, as you can see, MDMC is not actually in the coupon marketing business per se – its clients send out the coupons… MDMC collects the transaction fees.

This would appear to be a highly stable business model.

MDMC’s revenue is derived primarily from transaction fees that consumers pay in order to get big discounts that are sent to them via MDMC’s Internet or Mobile-Commerce platforms.

Look At This As A Venture Capitalist – Your Decision Is Easy

So, how do you value a startup such as Marine Drive Mobile (MDMC)?

You’d do it just as if you are a venture capitalist.

MDMC has just rolled out its eTeeOff mobile-commerce platform.

The company says its sales force is now rapidly signing up golf courses nationwide. Completely blanketing the U.S. could take a year or so.

You also know that MDMC is run by some very smart people – in other words it has top-flight human capital.

You know that coupons look like the Internet’s fastest growing sector.

You know that Groupon just finished a huge IPO that pushed its value to $13 billion…
You know that Amazon paid $186 million to buy just a portion of a daily-deal coupon company called Living Social…
And, that eBay just paid $75 million for a tiny company called Milo.

Managing Your Risk/Reward Is The Key To Massive Profits

But, remember, you’re thinking like a venture capitalist… you don’t want to overpay… though you know there’s some risk on your part, but it’s risk that could reap a huge reward.

In the end… you’re going manage your risk by buying Marine Drive Mobile at its very low price… and all because the valuation works out this way.

Give MDMC 12 months and it could claim as much as one half of one percent of the $19.7 billion spent on golf each year in the U.S.

Meeting that potential would generate $98.5 million in sales for Marine Drive Mobile.

To get a fair value from there you divide MDMC’s share structure – 38 million into it revenues to begin to compute its price to sales.

In this case that would give you $2.59 a share as a starting point. By the way… just stopping there would give you a nice 398% return off of MDMC’s current low price.

But, to see how high MDMC could fly over the next 24 months you need to multiply $2.59 by a price to sales ratio… which in the Internet sector is all over the place… Groupon’s is 11.9.

So, to be fair, let’s use a smaller number from a much more established player… Google, which dominates the online advertising marketplace. GOOG’s price to sales is a very nice 5.5 – the sign of a healthy company.

Using that with a $2.59 base would put Marine Drive Mobile’s forward value at $14.45… about half as expensive as Groupon is today… 42 times cheaper than Google’s $611 share price and 26 times less than Apple Inc.’s $384 price.

But, $14.45 would have a wondrous effect on your bottom line… it would multiply your money nearly 26 times… a 2,678% gain.

But – YOU WOULD DESERVE IT – Every Penny

That’s a venture capital kind of payday… the kind of reward you could earn when you take a stake in a new company with a great plan and great leadership.

Yes! It Is Different This Time… Outrageously Different

Finally, before I sign off, let’s talk about the 800-pound gorilla in the room.

I am not going to deny that the horror stories from the 1990s fiasco still resonate after more than a decade. There are many people who cringe at the term Internet stock… even if it’s part of this century’s hottest thing.

But, as you have seen, what’s going on today is very different from the Internet bubble that was driven by now legendary failures such as and

Back in the year 2000 there were 300 million people on the Internet… today there 2 billion people wired to it… a difference of 1.7 billion makes today vastly different.

Because of that we are seeing enormous pent up demand for shares in tech companies like LinkedIn, which recently completed an $9 billion IPO… and Skype, which Microsoft recently acquired for $8.5 billion… and Facebook, which could soon sell for a much as $75 billion.

These prices may seem like a repeat of the 1990s tech bubble… but they also represent the realties of a dramatically different marketplace.

Look In Your Pocket – That Smartphone Could Be
Your Key To A Massive Stock Market Success

You see, unlike the last Internet bubble, today, the web is jumping off computer screens and into pockets, purses and the palms of our hands… in fact when you think about it, most people today have more computing power in their smartphones than was available in the personal computers back during last century’s Internet bubble.

This translates to a massive number of people across the globe who are now constantly wired to the web… this is the difference today.

And, that means that advertising models have changed…

Daily-deal coupons are a new revenue model that’s revolutionizing advertising on the web and mobile phones…

Because of its people, Marine Drive Mobile looks poised to be a leader of this new revenue-generating revolution.


#1 Call your broker immediately and discuss MARINE DRIVE MOBILE (MDMC) with him… after all, he has access to the same regulatory filings and corporate information as I do. Run my revenue projections by him too. Remind him that MDMC is lead by men who have helped some of the world’s greatest companies. It is a startup that currently trades under $1. When your broker agrees that my facts are current, discuss with him how large a position in Marine Drive Mobile you should take and still be able to sleep at night.
#2 If you take care of your money yourself… go online now to your account and check out my facts. Go to and examine the Marine Drive Mobile (MDMC) filings… Once you are satisfied that I am correct, buy as much of Marine Drive Mobile (MDMC) as you want this one time… remember, smart people don’t treat a speculation – even one that could be as sweet as MDMC – the same as a blue-chip plays… they don’t buy on dips or on growth. Get what you can afford today when you buy Marine Drive Mobile (MDMC) at the market.
#3 Finally – Marine Drive Mobile looks as if it plans to hold investors in high esteem. My research has led me to discover that MDMC has a system where you can sign up to receive regular emailed updates, including new videos and reports, regarding its growth and milestones reached. So, should you buy shares in MDMC, don’t forget to then go to to make sure you get your regular updates from the company.


Now, on the heels of that huge success you’ve seen the company I am convinced it’s set to shoot to the top of my best sellers’ list as well… Marine Drive Mobile (MDMC)

It carries a 26X long-term potential…


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***Reminder: never chase stocks that gap at the open and always protect your profits!

Good luck in making the Best Penny Stock picks.

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