Penny Stock To Watch: Pazoo Inc. (OTC: PZOO)

Our new penny stock pick is: PZOO – Pazoo, Inc.

Stock Symbol: PZOO
Exchange: OTCQB
Outstanding Shares: 48.18 Million
Last Trade Price: $0.10

Friday Stats: (a/o 2PM)
Volume: 765,260
Trades: 35
Average Trade Size: 21,864

Put PZOO on your trading radar now and begin your research immediately! I believe that PZOO has everything it needs to bring some nice gains in the very short term

You can start your research here:

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Pazoo, Inc. provides a warehouse of competitively priced products and an array of experts delivering vital information to improve and enhance the enjoyment of living a full and enriching life. Featuring industry experts from the health and wellness industry as well as the pet industry, offers a unique, multi-dimensional interactive web site where consumers can gain insights into health and wellness for themselves and their pets from leading industry experts.  Also, our team of medical, fitness, nutritional and pet professionals seek to enhance our customers’ wellbeing by offering a limited, but high quality, selection of merchandise, including fitness consumables, nutritional supplements, apparel, and wellness/safety products.

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***Reminder: never chase stocks that gap at the open and always protect your profits!

Good luck in making the Best Penny Stock picks.

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One comment on “Penny Stock To Watch: Pazoo Inc. (OTC: PZOO)

  1. O/S is 62,492,000 now. It was 48,182,000 before the 10,800,000 free trading shares issued to Integrated Capital Partners for the Preferred A shares which they purchased for $.05/share ($.005/common share), and the 3,000,000 shares issued to Gotham Advisory Alert (no copy of the consulting/advisory agreement is on file because of “confidentiality” issues) and the 510,000 consulting shares issued to various consultants on May 17, 2012.

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