Cuba Beverage (CUBV) Shipping 27,000 Cases Finally

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Cuba Beverage Company (CUBV)

Cuba Beverage Company, a manufacturer and innovator of all-natural, herbal energy drinks, announced today it has finalized the details for its upcoming production run, which is to scheduled to occur in July, 2012. The final production date will be determined by the receipt of the 12 oz. slim cans from Rexam, the leading manufacturing of packaged goods. Full payments have been made with Rexam and Wild Flavors for this production run.

CUBV Stock Chart:

The Company has contracted with Krier Foods, Inc., a prominent beverage bottler located in Wisconsin, to produce its first production run of 2012. Founded in 1913, Krier has a long history of bottling and canning beverage products and has strong relationships with the nation’s best-known beverage producers. Krier’s innovative processes have helped Cuba Beverage keep its packaging costs low as the Company launches production of its three-flavored tier of all-natural herbal energy drinks.

This production run will generate 27,000 cases of product for Cuba Beverage Company. The Company has received distribution commitments for nearly two-thirds for this production run and is already planning for additional production to follow in August of this year.



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