VRAL Stock Could Go Viral

This small biotech has just landed a BIG negotiation..and this is one of the hottest stories I’ve seen in a long time…a perfect way to kick off the Summer early. We’re talking about Viral Genetics, Inc. (OTC PINK:VRAL) and the University of Texas Health Science Center, which ranks in the top 3% percent of all institutions worldwide receiving federal funding. Top research centers can be very selective about who they work with so it would be big news if they teamed up with a $10 million market cap company like Viral Genetics.

The company announced today that a physician-initiated Investigational New Drug (P-IND) application submitted to the FDA in late April, 2012, has cleared the FDA’s screening process with the requirement for a regular IND application being waived, resulting in the company being able to begin the first of at least two proposed clinical trial sites to investigate a potential oncology treatment developed from Viral Genetics’ Metabolic Disruption Technology (MDT), which is licensed exclusively to the Company.

The P-IND – part of a larger, coordinated research effort – was submitted by the first test site at the Cancer Therapy & Research Center (CTRC) at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, which includes patient enrollment at Scott and White Hospital (S&W) in Temple, Texas. Additional test sites may also be added in the future.

VRAL Stock Chart:

The application for this test went through the approval process very quickly. In late April, the Cancer Therapy and Research Center at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio submitted an application to the FDA to test VRAL’s ovarian cancer drug. Yesterday, less than a month after submitting the request to the FDA, approval of the application was received. The FDA often takes years to review applications so the speed of VRAL’s approval seems like it could indicate the FDA believes the drug has strong potential.

VRAL’s partner is a very successful research facility. Research and other sponsored program activity at the facility totaled $231 million in fiscal year 2011. The university’s schools of medicine, nursing, dentistry, health professions and graduate biomedical sciences have produced approximately 26,000 graduates. The $736 million operating budget supports eight campuses in San Antonio, Laredo, Harlingen and Edinburg.

About VRAL Stock

San Marino, California-based Viral Genetics discovers drug therapies from two platform technologies based on over 60 patents: Metabolic Disruption (MDT) and Targeted Peptides (TPT). Founded in 1994, the biotech company is researching treatments for HIV/AIDS, Lyme Disease, Strep, Staph and drug resistant cancer. For more information, visit www.viralgenetics.com.


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