Oil Prices are Dropping IDNG Stock Price is Rising

Independence Energy Corp. (OTC: IDNG) has been rolling in the profits for traders for the last two weeks since AimHighProfits began coverage of their penny stock. The Company just released breaking news regarding its Quinlan Oil Property in Oklahoma, reporting that significant production and water handling upgrades have been completed.

As outlined by IDNG on May 6th by AimHighProfits and this morning’s release, the completion of these upgrades is expected to put the Quinlin project in full production, significantly increase associated revenues and generate consistent income for the Company.

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News of this magnitude will begin to get the attention of major day traders.

Remember, this historic oil field was originally discovered in 1937 and has produced in excess of 5.8 million barrels of oil from 19 wells from primarily the 1st. Now that the Company is expected to increase production, where will their penny stock be trading in the coming quarters?

IDNG stock could soon begin to attract the attention of the stock market as a whole even though oil prices have been sliding for over two weeks. IDNG is executing its strategy, expanding its operations and expecting to increase revenues significantly.

IDNG Stock Chart:

Independence Energy may begin another breakout from the current pps levels. IDNG is just getting started and is now the top choice of some research analysts going forward for the next 3 months.


Independence Energy Corp. Reports Production Equipment Upgrades Completed at Quinlan Lease Oil Property in Oklahoma

SEAL BEACH, CA–(Marketwire – May 17, 2012) – Independence Energy Corp. (OTCBB: IDNG) is pleased to report that significant production and water handling upgrades have been completed at the Quinlan Lease oil property in Oklahoma. The completed upgrades include the installation of a new coated casing at the Quinlan #1 well, the connection of a high capacity submersible pump at Quinlan #3, and other overall site improvements.

“Now that a larger variable speed submersible pump is online at Quinlan # 3, project operators plan to optimize oil and water production levels to maximize the long-term return on investment potential of the well,” stated Mr. Gregory C. Rotelli, CEO and President of Independence Energy.

“At the Quinlan #1 well, the new coated casing and other essential repairs made to the original well completion are also expected to significantly improve production levels and well reliability. Based on the history of the Quinlan wells and other wells in the area, we anticipate that the improved Quinlan Lease property will generate consistent income for the Company for many years.”

The Quinlan Lease area is comprised of 3 productive oils wells (Quinlan #1, #2, and #3) and 1 water disposal well located on 120 acres in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma.

The Company currently holds a 10% interest in the three productive Quinlan Lease wells. The historic oil field was originally discovered in 1937 and has produced in excess of 5.8 million barrels of oil from 19 wells from primarily the 1st. Wilcox Sand and the Hunton Limestone with secondary production from the Simpson Dolomite and the Viola Limestone formations.

Make sure you have IDNG locked into your radar in the coming months.


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