Hot Penny Stock GWBU: Great Wishes, But Untrue

After some serious “hide and go-seek” games, the APS group has finally established that Great Wall Builders Ltd (OTCBB: GWBU) is their pick. But is it really their pick or just a chance to short the stock and force a massive drop on the share price of GWBU stock?

GWBU extended its May “Run like Bull” parade after announcing n the 9th the acquisition of iPollution which has been acquired a few times before for dump runs. The recent rally of GWBU stock now has the $0 revenues, $0 cash (mrq) POS trading above $1.50 at $1.54.

The POS stock was $0.33 on April 25th gaining 366.67% since then and leading the top 10 most actively traded penny stocks in the last trading session.

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Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
GWBU 1.42 +41.28 51,208,431 35,955,492 9,238
SNPK 0.1089 -31.25 3,929,559 32,246,278 2,620
LUXR 1.5016 -8.33 3,359,636 2,141,159 1,176
DOMK 2.25 +30.06 3,450,302 1,554,085 1,126
ADXS 0.11 -19.40 1,802,936 18,248,169 970
RARS 0.091 -7.22 893,046 11,917,175 885
ORYN 1.10 -11.29 1,400,175 1,221,491 741
SEFE 0.501 -15.51 840,415 1,679,387 688
DGRI 0.0039 +5.41 339,006 85,426,127 397
PGSY 0.15 -58.45 447,304 2,261,528 341

GWBU is getting major day trader attention as the penny stock picks of APS always do with their heavy marketing efforts similar to the one that propelled shares of SNPK to $2.40 two months ago before they crashed to $0.65 on the same day.

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Domark International Inc. (OTCBB: DOMK) gained another 30% on Tuesday after announcing that less than 3 weeks remained before their “Solapad” product reached shelves in the U.S. DOMK stock’s momentum has been largely attributed to its products and the appeal they have towards Apple Products users. DOMK was trading at less than $1 less than a month ago and has since almost 3X their current share price.

DOMK traded as high as $4.88 just last week.

LuxeYard Inc. (PINKSHEETS: LUXR) is in slow dump mode as the share price fell 6% to $1.59. LUXR stock has been dropping ever since it made its 52-week high of $2.32 last week falling 28% since then. LuxeYard most recently announced that it signed an agreement to acquire, which is the online division of furniture retailer homeLOFT.

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