Oryon Technologies (ORYN) Green All Week!

Now is the time to get your due diligence done on Oryon Technologies Inc. (OTCBB: ORYN)

This newly listed technology company looks very promising for our readers and the rest of the investment community. There are high hopes for ORYN! Given that Oryon is fundamentally the strongest penny stock trading high volume, it appears that ORYN could be AimHighProfits’ biggest winner to date, even bigger than Cannabis Science (OTC: CBIS) which gained over 700%.

Only time will tell, but we cannot encourage you enough to research Oryon Technologies today before the rest of the investment world beats you to the punch for what could be one of the greatest technology investments of 2012!

New Target to Aim High For:

Oryon Technologies Inc. (OTCBB: ORYN)

Current Intraday Price:         1.17    (Current Quote)
Shares Outstanding:     17.80M a/o Apr 26, 2012

See the First Alert to go out on ORYN here and who sent it.

About ORYN:

Oryon Technologies is an innovative developer and manufacturer of next-generation electroluminescent (”EL”) lighting technology. Oryon’s patented technology is trademarked as ELastoLite®; a thin, flexible, crushable, water resistant lighting system able to be incorporated into new and far-reaching product applications across multiple markets. This technology is being hailed as a game-changing technology that will open up new markets and enable the evolution of new products which would otherwise be unavailable.

ORYN popped on to the OTC Market on Monday like Gangbusters.

Yesterday, Oryon announced the appointment of its new CEO, Thomas P. Schaeffer. Tom Schaeffer began with Nike Inc. and the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys. He packs an impressive resume having begun his career at Blue Ribbon Sports, which later became Nike Inc. and was the first National Sales Manager for the Dallas Cowboys, hiring and training the national sales force, and implementing the business plan to build the Dallas Cowboys merchandising department into a $100 million business.

Those two accomplishments alone are enough to turn heads! Oryon Technologies Inc. is now led by an ex-Nike executive and National Sales Manager for the Dallas Cowboys! It is apparent ORYN is in good hands right out of the gate by appointing such a strong CEO.

The best part is that ORYN‘s technologies are protected by over 55 patents issued or pending worldwide.

ORYN just became a publicly traded company last week which is evidenced in the 8-K filed with the SEC. (see here)

As we stated before, Oryon Technologies Inc. is fundamentally the strongest company we have ever featured.

ORYN has developed a technology that is revolutionary and highly patented known as Elastolite®.

Elastolite® enables thin, flexible, crushable, water-resistant lighting systems to be incorporated into multiple applications such as safety apparel, sporting goods, consumer goods and membrane switches, among others.

Within Oryon’s target textile markets alone, billions of units are shipped each year. The market includes outerwear, industrial safety, municipal safety, military, athletic apparel, men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, shoes and gear. These markets generate over $250 billion annual revenues and are second in size only to the food industry.

And this revolutionary technology is already in play in multiple scenarios:

  • ORYN commissioned the use of Elastolite® for Motorola. The technology was used as the backlighting in over 125 Million Motorola RAZR cell phones.
  • ORYN has solidified multiple high-level deals with Nike, Land’s End, and Marmot Mountain Ltd. to develop apparel products with Elastolite® technology built in.
  • Hollywood has already taken notice of this revolutionary technology. Disney Studios incorporated Elastolite® into all of the costumes used in the summer blockbuster movie “Tron Legacy.”
  • And ORYN is currently working with several Fortune 500 specialty apparel, sporting goods and safety product manufacturers to incorporate Elastolite® into a number of innovative products.

Get your research done on ORYN as soon as you can and get them on your radar screen. Don’t be surprised when you see ORYN soon take over the top spot on the most traded from DOMK and SEFE.

ORYN corporate website: www.oryontech.com.


***Reminder: never chase stocks that gap at the open and always protect your profits!

Good luck in making the Best Penny Stock picks.

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