Rackwise (OTC: RACK) Stock joining the likes of NSRS and SNPK

Rackwise Inc. (OTCBB: RACK.OB) is a fast growing IT company, boasting a noteworthy list of clientele with names such as: Fed Ex, Chase, ATT, GE, Adobe, Continental Airlines, Home Depot and hundreds more.

RACK primarily focuses on Data Center Management (DCM) software for the entire IT infrastructure. This includes tracking, managing, planning, optimization, cost analysis and other important factors a corporation must handle on a daily basis.

A common denominator for EVERY successful company is: Superior Advantage. Whether you’re speaking of Microsoft, Apple, or any other successful powerhouse for that matter, they all provided advanced products or services to the market. This is the single most important factor for Market Dominance, because without a competitive advantage, you cannot expect to compete with the industry’s largest corporations.

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RACK 1-Month Stock Chart

RACK has already established themselves as the #1 IT provider of DCM software, offering companies the ability to handle and manage an entire IT department seamlessly and without confusion. Knowing that EVERY corporation must manage a successful IT department only proves the potential reach of Rackwise Inc.

Intel Corp. is proof of this statement, already securing a partnership with this fast growing IT company (with very little media attention). This fact alone (Intel is the Largest IT company in the World) proves that RACK is a serious player.

Why else would the #1 IT corporation partner up so early?

RACK Is Looking to Lead While the IT Industry Expands
The IT industry projects expansion rates of 16% – 24% by 2014. However, the sector of IT that RACK currently leads (Data Center Management Software) is ON FIRE & could grow at much faster rates.
The fact is, every company wishes to perform at higher levels, for less money, with half the effort. The ONLY realistic solution for these type of results is — DCM Software…

The nature of DCM Software is self-explanatory: Improve the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s infrastructure. By creating a software that allows this to be possible, corporations like RACK are in prime position for monumental growth within the industry.

Considering our society relies heavily upon technology (growing by the day) its safe to assume that a #1 DCM Software company like RACK could become a potential acquisition interest by a much larger corporation.

Why RACK??

You may be asking yourself the question of the day: “What makes RACK so special?” In fact, most of the Rackwise competition ask themselves the very same questions each day:

  • “How did RACK launch so far ahead?”
  • “What makes their product so much different?”

To be specific, Rackwise Inc. saw an opportunity, foreshadowed a customers need, and executed meticulously. The short answer – They created a product far better than that of their competitors. Why else would corporate juggernauts like GE, Time Warner, Pepsi, Fed Ex, and hundreds of others ALL become clients of Rackwise’s DCM Software??

The Facts:
RACK delivers fully functional DCM software that’s compatible with MORE devices and data centers than its competition
• The Rackwise Software is installed quicker and integrates seamlessly with almost any corporate infrastructure, where other products require months of tweaking and customization
RACK’s #1 separation is how easy the software is for corporations to manage and control, providing higher levels of visibility, maneuverability and overall functionality. Most competitor software is far more difficult to manage, while offering substantially less features

What More is There to Say??

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The Fact is: AimHighProfits Keep Doing Their Homework…

They’ve once again located a company that many believe holds AMAZING potential and also has some very potential pitfalls, yet not many investors have yet to learn about RACK.

Due to RACK‘s recent partnership with Intel Corp., you cannot expect this leading DCM Software company to remain hidden for long. Soon enough savvy investors will be made aware of the potential RACK beholds & this company could end up going viral just like so many of AimHighProfits alerts have done before.

Make sure to keep a very close eye on RACK as this week gets started…


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