Trade Alert: OMVE Poised For Another Run

Omni Ventures Inc. (Pinksheets:OMVE) closed at $0.39 yesterday, May,2. AimHighProfits sent out an alert on OMVE on March 7th and the stock tore up the charts throughout March and April, running from $.0.097 to a high of $0.525 in a matter of weeks… an incredible 441% gain on amazing volume! There has been some consolidation in OMVE the last couple of days after what seemed like a never-ending run and OMVE looks recharged and ready for higher grounds! The hype around the popular clothing line, PRVCY Couture (which Omni Ventures owns) seems to be growing and should be a banner sales year!

Slight pull-backs are a natural part of any healthy growth curve. It was expected that investors would start to take profits after the huge run on OMVE. OMVE appears to have formed a new base around the $0.40 range and looks poised for another run-up. It looks as if this play is just starting to build momentum and seems like a no-brainer at these levels.

A PRVCY Couture competitor, popular denim brand True Religion Apparel (Nasdaq:TRLG) released big News on Monday about better than expected sales in Q1 2012. Their shares increased 6% yesterday to close at $28.86. True Religion announced their first quarter net income rose 16%, Revenue rose 13.9% to $106.8 million, from $93.8 million a year ago.

Read the Press Release here:

PRVCY Couture should experience similar sales results in the quarters ahead as it appears that the retail fashion industry in the U. S. is beginning to rebound. Not that it really matters since a pair of PRVCY Jeans will run you at least $150 each. Higher-end products like Louis Vutton and Gucci are considered to be “recession proof.”

Will PRVCY Couture’s Sales follow the same trend? Big sales for PRVCY Couture in 2012 could lead to big profits for OMVE shareholders!

In 2004 shares of True Religion Apparel (NASDAQ:TRLG) traded around 70 cents. A simple investment of $10,000 in True Religion in 2004 would be worth over $329,500 today!


Omni Ventures Inc. (OMVE) owns PRVCY Couture, Inc., the casual couture apparel and accessories company that has been adorned by Hollywood elites. Their amazing denim is sold in fashion boutiques and department stores across the country. Checkout their amazing clothes for yourself (

There’s been so much news out of OMVE in the past month. To recap, in the past few weeks, OMVE has announced:

• The launch of a new marketing strategy aimed at the multibillion dollar Luxury Brands Market called “INVASION OF PRVCY” featuring Denise Richards, which was picked up by the mainstream media and has the potential to reach 50 million readers!

• A contract with DivvyTech, Inc., which will enable PRVCY to offer its product line to as many as 14 Million U.S. Army, Air Force and Other U.S. Government Personnel Through a Members-Only E-Commerce Network!

• The appointment of Michael Berk, the famous Hollywood creator of the show “Baywatch” to PRVCY’s Advisory Board. Michael will greatly expand PRVCY’s celebrity branding efforts, media strategy and marketing capabilities.

• PRVCY has completed an overhaul and re-launched its e-commerce portal at The new site includes updates to the shopping cart, database management and customer service software. The site features extensive presentation of the Company’s product, video materials with celebrity support statements as well as the latest photographs of the celebrities wearing PRVCY denim.

• World-famous Hollywood actress, Denise Richards tweeted from her private twitter account to over 2.3 million followers about PRVCY denim, saying: “I love my new Prvcy jeans. They fit amazing! Check them out” – @DENISE_RICAHRDS TWITTER ACCOUNT 3:04 PM – 17 Apr 12

• PRVCY is expanding the sales and marketing of the PRVCY Premium denim brand as well as the development of additional offerings. PRVCY will be focusing on the expansion of high margin accessories with premium vendor department store accounts and re-cultivating celebrity endorsements of its flagship PRVCY Premium brand.

So much amazing news flowing out of OMVE about their PRVCY Couture fashion line…

Hollywood heavyweights spotted wearing PRVCY denim include Jenifer Lopez, Mark Walberg, Drew Barrymore, Miley Cyrus, Nicole Richie, Adrian Grenier, Matthew Morrion, Michael C. Hall, Ron Artest, Kristin Cavallari, Rob Kardashian, Rachel Bilson, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Bruce Wayne, Anne Hathaway and many more

Checkout the talk about OMVE and PRVCY Denim on twitter right now:!/search/omve !/search/prvcy

Remember, OMVE traded as high as $.81 last July. A run back to these levels would be a quick double. For those that missed the big run on OMVE in March and April, this may be your chance.

OMVE looks solid in the $0.40 range and is ready for the next leg up. Slight pull-backs are opportunities… so take advantage!


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