Is Stevia First Corp. (STVF) Worth Cultivating?

The first time we sent alerts on the penny stock, Stevia First Corp. (OTC: STVF) shares were sitting at $.85. By the time our alerts and profile went viral, shares reached a high of $3.28, 285%, with the whole micro-cap world buzzing! STVF closed today at $.86, back to the support levels and history might be able to repeat itself yet again!

STVF started to reverse its technical trend to the bullish side. This suggest that micro-cap investors are already taking notice of the recent developments and are now pouring back in, which is evidenced by the recent volume increase.

Can something big be growing? This might be very possible!

STVF recently updated shareholders with a very promising summary; “In the past two months, Stevia First Corp. has leased 1,000 acres of land for a base of operations that contains unique zoning for food processing and other industrial uses, a build-out of our current headquarters that today contains a two-story building with office and laboratory space is nearing completion, stevia germination trials and vegetative propagation has been initiated, and the Company continues to recruit capable professionals and pioneers within the stevia industry to our team.”

STVF also, according to the same press release, “more than 85% of U.S. consumers still have never purchased food and beverage products that contain stevia. But, consumer awareness of stevia is rising fast, with the percentage of consumers that know of stevia growing from 32% in 2009 to 57% in 2011. Such rapidly increasing consumer recognition bodes well for stevia’s continued success and market growth. This is especially true now that regulators in all major markets have approved its use, which no longer holds back the market potential of what many consumers and industry insiders have long considered the “holy grail” within the sweetener market.”

After reading the summary above, you may see why this emerging growth company is in one of the most popular sectors right now.

Looking at the technical chart below we clearly see the stock is starting to reverse its trend. The multi-day green candles indicate that micro-cap investors are already feeling very bullish about STVF‘s recent corporate developments.

Now that STVF is back to the support levels we originally sent out alerts on, we think a continued rally for the penny stock might be in store.

Can STVF once again see multi-dollar regions? If history repeats itself, this might be very possible.

STVF last month announced; “the acquisition and delivery of stevia seed stock and tissue culture destined for regional trials and advanced studies. The initial shipment of commercial grade stock is from a large foreign grower and processor of stevia extracts. The seed is being analyzed for use as a baseline varietal aimed at launching the Company’s study of plantation scale cultivation in the area. Proof-of-concept trials with stevia were originally undertaken regionally in California over 10 years ago by a number of companies and government backed researchers and institutions who sought to grow stevia well before the regulatory approval of steviol glycosides as a food additive in the United States. Although the results of that research led to some stevia farming activity in California for commercial purposes, it is limited to several small-scale growing operations conducting most of the known stevia planting.

Going forward, the company plans to internally evaluate non-proprietary stevia varieties as well as seed and culture materials provided through licensing arrangements with research or commercial partners. Stevia First plans to conduct most research internally or through arrangements within a collaborative framework with commercial or research partners wherein Stevia First will secure certain rights to use or further develop stevia varieties, in order to support commercial-scale stevia planting operations in California. Company CEO Robert Brooke states, “This announcement will propel us into stevia planting and research and development operations, and it means we are on track for our 2012 growing schedule. At every step of the process we aim to be furthering our understanding of how best to optimize our crop development methods and we look forward to implementing those practices aimed at maximizing the yield from our first commercial harvest as soon as practicable.”

Put STVF on your radar this week!

More About Stevia First Corp.:

Stevia First Corp. is seeking to establish a vertically-integrated stevia enterprise in the U.S. with expertise in stevia seed and tissue propagation, plant breeding, and cultivation. Stevia First’s U.S. operations are located in the heart of California’s Central Valley, one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions.

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