Monster Day for Penny Stocks

With a record dollar volume of $776k, Bio-Matrix Scientific Group (OTCBB: BMSN) rose to an intra-day high of +210%!

Even with the early morning gap, traders were still able to benefit from a terrific rise in PPS! Congratulations to all of the traders who had the chance to trade this penny stock today.

East Coast Diversified Co. (OTCBB: ECDC) on Friday at .0045. Today it hit a high of over a penny. That is over 100% gains!

Top 10 Most Active OTC Penny Stocks

Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
SEFE 2.23 +12.06 20,170,149 9,374,458 4,827
SNPK 0.77 +16.67 13,405,274 18,456,130 3,244
LQMT 0.467 +24.53 5,118,116 11,223,732 1,961
ECDC 0.0095 +63.79 1,333,950 157,096,166 1,147
STVF 0.889 +30.74 2,321,845 2,914,148 1,141
BMSN 0.037 +85.00 776,632 16,524,853 885
NEON 5.11 +12.31 3,216,521 638,420 549
ICPA 0.0358 +35.09 676,306 20,092,161 529
COIN 0.0145 +20.83 450,378 30,269,200 465
OREO 1.34 +4.69 1,634,772 1,229,019 449

On top of the top 10 penny stocks having a “Monster” day, shares of Monster Beverage Corp (Nasdaq: MNST) were flying high on a report that Atlanta based Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) is considering buying the company out.

As a result, shares almost hit $84 a share at late morning, before settling down to their current price of around $65.

The report, which was by the Wall Street Journal stated that the world’s biggest soft drink maker is currently in talks to buy Monster. If this deal goes forward, this could be the single largest brand acquisition ever by Coca-Cola.

As of this afternoon, both of the companies aren’t saying a word and rightfully so… these kinds of deals need their own secrecy, but I would imagine we’ll start hearing things about it in a week or two regarding the details.

Just like any decent company run by good management, Coca-Cola is simply targeting a trend by seeking to capitalize on Monster’s market share and the popularity of energy drinks in general.

The company has said in the past that it is constantly looking beyond soda for growth.

In its first quarter, Coca-Cola reported 4% global volume growth for its namesake soda. Sales volume for its bottled water grew 15% worldwide, while volume for energy drinks rose 25% – so demand is a driving factor here.

Monster, which is a California based company, offers juices, sodas and other drinks under brands such as Monster Energy and Hansen’s. In its last fiscal year, the company’s net income rose by 35% to $286.2 million.

Coca-Cola’s lineup of energy drinks includes Full Throttle, Fuze, burn and Gladiator. I would imagine we’ll hear some details by next Monday so when we get them, we’ll pass them along.


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