Pink Sheets Stock Action Products Intl (APII) Files For Name Change

Action Products International, Inc. (OTC PINK: APII) announced that it has submitted notification to FINRA regarding a potential name change and related trading symbol change.

APII will announce its new symbol and name once accepted by FINRA.

APII is the parent company of two subsidiaries:

  • Core Wafer Systems, Inc. and
  • North East Expedite Logistics

APII’s Core Wafer Systems, Inc. (CWS) is a technology leader with a proprietary parallel measurement schema for the evaluation of physical phenomena in semiconductor devices and processes. The CWS software and hardware is used in the testing and data mining of today’s most commonly used hard drives, memory, magnetics, and other advanced semiconductor and nanotechnology-based device components.

North East Expedite Logistics (NEEL) provides transportation and logistics services to customers on the East Coast. NEEL has built a solid foundation of relationships within the industry including USPS,, The Washington Post, Newark Star Ledger, and was formerly the preferred trucking company for Circuit City.

Gary Polistena, CEO of APII, said their market evolution and heightened business focus led them to re-brand APII and seek a new trading symbol. These changes accelerate the execution of APII‘s strategy, provide stable and predictable growth in market share and renew interest within the investor community.

Bottom Line: New Name, New Symbol, Same Crappy Stock


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