Stem Cell Stocks Are Not for the Weak

Nerves of steel are mandatory for any investor willing to put their hard earned cash into stem cell stocks. To do so, an investor has to have researched the company’s product and obtain a complete understanding of the implications that are possible. Another prerequisite for trading stem cell stocks is an iron stomach as the volatility in these types of stocks as stock values rise and fall at a pace similar to a an air force test pilot.

Stem cell research has long been scrutinized by the public yet companies are pushing forward by finding new ways which are more “politically correct” to generate them and conduct research on them. The problem for investors is that all of these stocks are in some phase of clinical trials. When you do not have a specific end date to the clinical trials, it leaves the door open for all kinds of speculation as to the future of the stem cell stock. Experts will make statements either for or against the company and the stock.

In the end, though, each investor needs to take a step back and evaluate what is happening with the stem cell stock they own or are thinking to buy. Articles in the media tend to be merely opinions and nothing more which are supported with hard facts that can be viewed positively or negatively depending on your stance. Regardless, they are still only opinions and nothing more.

Those investors looking for a glimpse into the future of any stem cell stock will never find it reading blog posts and magazine articles. The truth is that no one really has any idea, even the scientists conducting the clinical trials, as to whether a stem cell company’s research will find the cure to cancer, cure blindness or reverse paralysis. If anyone truly did know, they would not be forthcoming with such data, especially in the mass media.


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