New to Investing in the Stock Market? Check out Penny Stocks

Most people start investing in the stock market hoping to make huge profits. Their goal is to be able to rely on the proceeds from their investments to cover the costs of their living expenses or even retire on the millions they’ve made. Unfortunately, this is about as rare as a solar eclipse.

People who start investing and trade penny stocks have better chances of ever reaching these goals. They normally start out with a small amount of money and hope to make a nice return on their investments to use for larger trades. Some invest in penny stocks just so they can enjoy the excitement of watching a penny stock they own go through the roof. So what are penny stocks and how do you find them?

Internet searches looking to find out about penny stocks are increasingly daily. Penny stocks are just like blue chip stocks in many ways. The difference is the blue chip stocks come with recognizable brand names like McDonalds, Procter and Gamble and Microsoft. These companies have long histories and proven track records of providing investors steady streams of income.

Basically, the investors in blue chip stocks enjoy a steady stream of dividends with little downside risk of their investment losing value over the long-term. Large price moves are rare which makes these well-known blue chip stocks a relatively safe investment.

On the other hand, penny stocks are most often tied to an unknown company or one that has lost its luster. Sometimes the company is new and doesn’t yet have a product on the market and is simply seeking funding. Some are struggling for recognition and haven’t quite yet found their investor base.

As a result, their stock price is low, coupled with the volume of shares traded, sometimes trading for even fractions of a penny, hence the name penny stock.


***Reminder: never chase stocks that gap at the open and always protect your profits!

Good luck in making the Best Penny Stock picks.

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