Penny Stock To Watch: Sunbelt International Corp. (SUNB)

Everybody’s talking about how $100 oil and $5 gasoline are too much for the global economy to handle, which means it’s time for Sunbelt International Corp. (SUNB) to come into its own.

SUNB makes “hybrid” solar panels with windmills attached…if the sun shines, they make power. If it’s windy or stormy, they make power.
Is it any wonder that turnover on SUNB has soared to 10 times its old levels over the last 2 weeks as traders look for every angle on the energy theme they can grab?

Chart Analysis:

Weekly turnover is up 10-fold in the last 2 weeks as the market goes crazy for green power stocks and SUNB in particular.
The accumulation/distribution line soared about the same time as turnover. Somebody’s been building a position in SUNB.

SUNB is currently right above the historical 20-cent trend line.

MACD is narrowly positive and leading signal. Momentum is on SUNB’s side!

RSI has just edged up into position to test above the center line again after what looks like a brief rest.

Big clients are materializing for SUNB‘s unique generators!

That all-weather solution gives SUNB a natural edge on competitors that only sell one system or the other.

After all, they generate 100 TIMES more electricity over their lifespan than nuclear or fossil fuels!

And the innovations keep coming! Just last week, SUNB signed a deal to install 6 megawatts of water turbines for Promethian Mining up in the Yukon.

These generators are 87% cheaper than diesel right now…and should oil prices spike due to war with Iran or some other reason, SUNB‘s basic proposition looks even better!

SUNB spreads the green gospel to power-starved emerging markets!
SUNB can make its generators so cheap because it’s got deep connections in China…which has been spending $50 BILLION a year on green power for its own factories and cities.

China is already the center of the global wind power industry, with 60 megawatts of windmills spinning up. And beyond that, SUNB is also looking at turning the lights on in Africa and elsewhere in the emerging world!

Bringing affordable power to BILLIONS of people should make a baby company like SUNB a bit of cash, and give traders the ground-floor play of a lifetime.

Back in Beijing, somebody sure seems happy, because a few weeks ago SUNB announced that it’s gotten new funding from a “private Chinese banking consortium.” And traders seem pleased themselves! Every day since that financing news, SUNB has given traders a rally to ride, usually straight up from the opening bell but once in a while on a dip-and-rebound move.

Bottom Line: Average open-to-top move on SUNB lately clocks in at a healthy 19%, plus we see a few 70% to 100% swings in there too.
The motive for all the excitement is obvious: SUNB emphasizes that the money it gets from China will be non-dilutive. How many 20-cent start-ups do you know that can say that? No wonder traders are flipping out over SUNB!

With all that on the agenda, shouldn’t you load SUNB on your screen today and see where it goes?


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