FrogAds (FROG) In The Spotlight with Pamela Anderson

We’ve kept a close eye on FrogAds, Inc. (FROG) since the year started, with one goal in mind: when we saw conditions were ripe for a big leap, we let you know.

Every alert so far has put 10% to 30% in traders’ pockets, sometimes across two- or three-day rallies. Maybe not individual blockbusters, but what do you want from a stock that’s already trading well above 1 quarter a share?

Besides, each of those FROG moves has been quick and easy…and the aggregate pile of cash has gotten pretty substantial. And we’re still waiting for FROG to hand us a much bigger score. The chart is definitely flashing with opportunity now, so let’s take a fresh look.

Chart Analysis:

Trend lines are crowded here but FROG is now sitting on the 20- and 100-day averages. The 50-day line is barely 20% away.

Accumulation line continues to scale new peaks as somebody out there gets extra-hungry for FROG at these levels.

Check out the STO! As strong as it gets without setting off any “overbought” alarms…and still leading signal higher!

MACD crossed its own signal again on Wednesday for the first time this year.

FROG combines TWO huge Web profit centers: ads and auctions!

As you recall, FROG is like hippie-leaning Craigslist but with the pure profit motive of EBAY: the more banner ads, pay-for-play campaigns and auctions it can cram onto the site, the better!

Running classified ads for everything from jobs to apartments to blind dates racked up roughly 29 million visitors a day and $115 million a year for Craigslist — they could have squeezed out more revenue, but they’re “above” that kind of profit motive.

And EBAY’s Web auctions have created a $45 BILLION empire.

FROG has already proved that one trial banner ad in the right place can bring in close to $50,000.

Since then, FROG has served up 1.5 MILLION ads!

PAMELA ANDERSON leaves FROG traders feeling plenty “kissed!”

The key to super-charging FROG’s growth plans is, of course, traffic.

The more people FROG can channel to, the more ads it can run, the more auction fees it collects and the faster the big tech funds will be forced to take notice of the stock.

And FROG was already ramping up fast, as any casual dig through the traffic numbers will reveal…but as of about a week ago, it’s got a celebrity on its side: PAMELA ANDERSON.

FROG wants the lovely and “enthusiastic” Pammie to give them what William Shatner gave Priceline!

The world’s skin-crazed nerds already run 2 MILLION online searches a month for “Pamela Anderson,” so FROG has a huge captive audience here.

So far, it’s working better than anyone expected, pushing FROG up 120% in the web traffic rankings!

Bottom Line: FROG was already one of our top performers, and now it’s got all-out star power behind it.

The market hasn’t had much time to digest the strange alliance of Pamela Anderson and the FROG, but from what we can see, it’s only a matter of time.


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