North Springs Resources (NSRS) Buy, Sell, Or Smash Your Computer Screen?

The Crash of North Springs Resources (NSRS):

All eyes will be watching the penny stock scam of NSRS at the open today. When we said we told you so, we told you so. Just like we did on AMWI. We were so spot-on that I have found over 50 copies of my NSRS Crash Alert all over the internet on various blogs and websites.

Only one place has the authority on any of my trading information and that’s AimHighProfits and their subscribers.

Penny Stock Companies use promotions 99% of the time to gain exposure that Wall Street otherwise would not give them.  They are good, quality companies that just need a small boost of capital to get their ideas to marketplace most times. Scams like NSRS are what gives penny stocks a bad name.

I admit I made a ton of trades on NSRS and made over $60k doing so. The trick to trading volatile stocks like NSRS is knowing when to get out before you get in.

Yesterday’s crash of NSRS had: 10,036 trades for 66,672,098 total shares worth $41,453,603.

You can guarantee that “Breaking News” will come out just before the Market Open and all of those who are thinking they are bounce playing NSRS today should donate that money to a charity who would make better use of it.

The scam in NSRS is up. Harry Lappa has the money he set out to get and mark my words…..NSRS will not trade at the level it did ever again unless Harry and NSRS dump another $1 million into a promotion and cut the Float down to less than 50 Million Shares.

If you do get into NSRS because you know better, don’t be dumb enough to hold the stock over the weekend. Get Out!!!!!


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