Advance Defense Technologies (ADCF.PK) Building UAV Drone?

Let’s put ADCF on our radar for Wednesday.
This one has been extremely quiet since the summer and has been picking up since the end of last month.

ADCF is very thin and can show some wild swings if any interest comes into it like many of our last alerts.

Latest Press Release:

Since it has been trading more heavily, it looks to have found a bottom here around .82 with support directly beneath here.

Keep your eye on this one over the next few days. I am hearing a lot of chatter on message boards and forums about ADCF.


The global aerospace and defense industry revenues are expected to exceed $500 billion this year. This is one of the fastest growing industries to be in.

ADCF is in the business of making the antennas for radar type equipment used for military applications.

ADCF antenna systems are capable of scanning vast areas or volumes of space in a microsecond permitting the creation of virtually continuous detection shells or fences which are virtually impenetrable without triggering a warning signal.

The electronic scanning systems are ideal for internal detection inside buildings such as airports and even more so for perimeter defense around critical facilities, including public utilities such as water, power and nuclear plants, as well as, but not limited to, oil refineries, explosive factories and oil tankers.

ADCF’s private and corporate perimeter systems can play the lead role in performing “private homeland” and “corporate security” tasks. In a microsecond, ADCF systems can scan vast areas or vast volumes of space and detect any interruption in the scanning beam by unauthorized personnel or objects.

If the scanned area is vertical space, then a small number of ADCF devices can form an electronic fence through which nothing can pass undetected.

One very inexpensive and easily erected ADCF portable device can replace the need for numerous and expensive laser detection devices which only operate on a line of sight.

ADCF’s microwave/millimeter-wave circuits, subsystems and the system designs developed under SBIR Programs with Government Agencies including NASA, DARPA, a prestigious defense contractor (Phillips Labs), and the US Military (USAF, ARMY, NAVY and MDA) are providing the solutions to the current issues of high cost, high power dissipation, size, weight and system complexity.

Make sure you do your own research on this one. You can start here: &


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