NSRS Still Being Pumped….The Latest On NSRS

NSRS is still being pumped……..Read the latest:

NSRS closed very beautifully. Slowly but surely is always a good bet . Remember the story about the hare and the tortoise? Then you certainly remember how that ended for the slow-moving but relentless tortoise. NSRS is also holding on to its gains very well.

NSRS has been producing fabulous gains for our members for several weeks and it has now closed at an all-time high. At this rate of continuation we will be getting very close to the $5 target price before the end of the month.

However that is being very conservative. We have a feeling that once the upside down short positions get called due to margin requirements we could be in for a massive ride.

Finra’s regsho showed more than 20 million shares short as of last Friday. If all of these guys are forced to cover at the same time we will have a ‘lexg’ effect.

That’s when ‘lexg’ went from right around where NSRS is right now to over $10 within a few days’ time .

What happens in such a scenario is that all short-sellers need to buy NSRS to cover their ‘negative’ position but all current shareholders of NSRS are holding and not selling as the price goes up. At the same time more investors buy NSRS .

So this creates a situation where everyone wants to buy NSRS at the same time, but almost no one is willing to let their shares go. So the price can catapult into the thousands of percent in gains.

Remember economics 101? Supply and Demand? That’s the basics of it, and it actually does happen in the real world. Look at ‘lexg’ as it is the perfect example of a short-squeeze.

NSRS still has a “Strong Buy” rating issued by iri with a $5 target price set for the stock. That’s almost 900% gains still up for grabs from current levels.

NSRS could squeeze short sellers into oblivion at this rate. Every single one of them is upside down right now, and it could get ugly for them and pretty for us!

Holding patience is key to win the fight against shorts on NSRS .

Again, ‘lexg’ is the best example of how beneficial a strong short-squeeze can be for shareholders.

NSRS is on the verge of a break out! It deserves our attention now more than ever!

And hold on… if that wasn’t enough to get us all excited…

NSRS is working on the newest project. A mine located within miles of a property currently producing $280 million per year of precious and base metals!

This is a very promising project that could hold a lot of long term value for NSRS holders.

NSRS also signed DEFINITIVE agreement to acquire interest in Arizona gold property with estimated 350,000 oz ($550 million) of Gold.

NSRS announced as well that it has reached an agreement in principle to acquire a 100% interest in two prospecting licences in the prolific gold producing region of the Kabouri Gold Mining Area in the country of Guyana, South America. The area has produced $160 billion worth of gold!

The bottom line: Keep an eye out because it’s about to get really exciting around here for NSRS and watch out for the dump.

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  • Do something to make someone else’s life better today.

Good luck in making the Best Penny Stock picks.

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