Penny Stock Alert: SELR Steele Resources

Top Penny Stock Alert of 2011OCNF 4,035.42% – (May 27, 2010, $0.48 – July 26, 2011, $19.85)

buy penny stocks, penny stocks, penny stock alerts, hot penny stocks, hottest penny stocks, best penny stocksWe are on a great run around here as we head into the holidays hitting full-fledged 100% paydays as well as more “subtle” cash ideas that other newsletters would sell their sisters for.

Fast or slow, our alerts have generated plunder aplenty for fast and slow traders alike.

Start with our most recent alert, APGS.  This little tech stock had a volume BREAK OUT yesterday rewarding traders with as much as 15%!

And Tuesday’s pick, WLOL, has generated DOUBLE DIGIT intraday fun every day so far for you day trader types.

The run every follower had, either in or watching from the sidelines, on the 700% plus run AMWI had before we warned to get out.

Throw in the 125% home run from FLMG, and the Santa rally seems to be in play with our picks!

And Now:

buy penny stocks, penny stocks, penny stock alerts, hot penny stocks, hottest penny stocks, best penny stocksSteele Resources Corp. (SELR) has spent the last few months making the leap from gold “development” to outright gold production. That’s the payoff for years of work and investment! (Read more).

And traders have come running to grab SELR shares to get a piece of that payout before it’s all gone. This is one of those 4-digit charts that speaks for itself, friends!

Chart Analysis:

  • The “new normal” for SELR lately has taken the floor from barely $0.01 to around $0.12
  • Traders started grabbing every share of SELR they could find in early October — check out that accumulation line!
  • MACD just crossed signal again. Last time that happened kicked off SELR’s massive rally.
  • STO is an almost-impossibly strong 96 on a 100-point scale.
  • Long-term trend lines are still catching up to SELR’s new stratospheric status.

buy penny stocks, penny stocks, penny stock alerts, hot penny stocks, hottest penny stocks, best penny stocks

The golden legend of SELR’s 900% rally

Hard to believe SELR was trading at a lowly 1 to 2 pennies a share in late September, but once the press releases started flying fast and furious, this stock ramped up to a new base.

With brief exceptions, SELR hasn’t dipped below 12 cents in the last six weeks!

The excitement actually started building back in July when SELR took 100% control of its 1,800-acre lead project, Mineral Hill, for the equivalent of just $540,000. (Read more)

At the time, Mineral Hill was only worth maybe $1.6 million — not a bad score at all when you consider that SELR was literally trading at pennies a share at the time. (Read more)

Mining giant Barrick Gold itself has already started processing the roughly 10,000 tons of ore lying around on SELR’s acreage while the company tackles its higher-grade rock.

All in all, SELR expects to start full-scale production “by the end of the year,” at which point its rock will be worth 1/5 of a precious ounce of gold per ton. (Read more)

The revenue is already flowing! This is happening NOW! (Read more) 

SELR is a MUST-Watch on Friday while all the chasers follow ZNGA.

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  • Do your own research.
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Good luck in making the best penny stock picks. Have Fun!!


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