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Alert: WLOL Up 18.60% Since December 13th

buy penny stocks, penny stocks, penny stock alerts, hot penny stocks, hottest penny stocks, best penny stocksThis Hot Penny Stock did $74.3 MLN in revenues last year, has more than 100 million in assets, $4.3 million in cash and they’re trading on the OTCBB for $0.53, 53 cents!

Do we have your attention yet?

It’s time to cash in on the World’s Leading Growth Market.

China stocks are getting ready to explode and this alert is the perfect way to take advantage. With a customer list including Mitsubishi, Suzuki, and Cargill they could be on everyone’s radar soon so just remember where you saw them first:

buy penny stocks, penny stocks, penny stock alerts, hot penny stocks, hottest penny stocks, best penny stocksWinland Ocean Shipping Corp. (WLOL)

We profiled them here December 13th:

Winland’s core business is international bulk cargo transportation. It has an ocean shipping fleet of 11 vessels, with a self-owned carrying capacity of over 240,000 tons. Through monthly voyage charters and time charters, the Company can provide carrying capacity of about 1,000,000 tons with shipping lines to major ports around the world.

For those of you that caught our Top Penny Stock Alert of 2011 – OceanFreight, Inc., OCNF 4,035.42% (May 27, 2010, $0.48 – July 26, 2011, $19.85): Is this ringing a bell at all?

This Company is well established and generating significant revenue. The following are a handful of additional highlights we really like about WLOL:

  • WLOL owns and operates an ocean shipping fleet of 11 vessels, with a self-owned carrying capacity of over 240,000 tons. This is unheard of… practically unreal for an OTCBB company.
  • WLOL is well established in China, the Far-east, India-Pakistan, the Mid-east Persian Gulf, the Red Sea Mediterranean and Africa. In fact, WLOL has fueled recent growth through the expansion of Asian, most notably Chinese, markets.
  • WLOL provides shipping services for some of the BIGGEST names in Asia such as Mitsubishi, Suzuki, and Cargill.
  • Earlier this week they announced a new $2.88 MLN contract to transport steel product from the Black Sea to Far East!
  • Last week they received a separate $2.2 MLN contract to ship 53,000 tons of peas to India!
  • RAY DIRKS Research initiated analyst coverage on WLOL with a 6-month price target at $1.50!

Burton Malkiel, author of the financial classic “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” was recently quoted on CNBC stating, Chinese stocks are extremely undervalued and U.S. investors should heavily increase their exposure to benefit from the emerging market’s long-term growth.

WLOL is right at the heart of this situation and provides the perfect opportunity!

WLOL has also put forth some amazing financials over the last few years. A few of the figures that truly stand out are the following:

  • They have experienced massive growth over the last year. They recently reported that their 3Q 2011 net income rose by 291% to $3.0 MLN, from $0.77 MLN in the prior quarter this year.
  • WLOL also announced that their 2010 revenue increased greatly to $74.3 MLN, up 48.1% over 2009 revenue of $50.2 MLN, and net income increased sharply to $3.1 MLN from a loss in 2009. For a Company trading around just $0.50 cents those are some incredible results that are rarely seen in the bulletin board.
  • Their fleet is worth over $95 MLN and the company is holding another $12 MLN in current assets – of which $4.3 MLN of it is in cash and equivalents.

And WLOL trades at just a few dimes per share! Can you believe it?

WLOL is planning to steadily expand its capacity and enlarge the size of its ocean transport fleet by constructing new vessels and by acquiring additional vessels and/or businesses at lower. WLOL has the benefit of growing by acquisition and management has stated that they are ready to move on opportunities right now!

This could further their already impressive expansion and outrageous growth rate… and add even more to their bottom line. They certainly have the capital, means, and wherewithal to do it.

What could that mean in share value?

WLOL just reported a third quarter net income increase of 291% and an increase of 86% over last year! People are starting to take notice.

Winland Ocean Shipping Corp. (WLOL)

Start researching it now!

Feel free to begin with the links below:

There is a wealth of information available on First Liberty’s website:

Quote, Chart and Barchart’s “BUY” opinion:

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