AMWI 711% Run Suckerpunched by Investor

buy penny stocks, penny stocks, penny stock alerts, hot penny stocks, hottest penny stocks, best penny stocksAMWI was unstoppable yesterday on its way to replicating LEXG’s pattern and soaring towards $12.

Everyone was extremely happy about that right? Wrong. Everyone was happy except the malicious short sellers who were upside down tens of millions of dollars (which they don’t even have because they are on credit).

Then the most unexpected and outrageous thing happened:

A random “Joe Blow” releases a news accusing AMWI of doing XYZ… and we say XYZ because it doesn’t even matter what the accusation was. It could’ve been an accusation that the CEO is having extramarital affairs or that his dog died. All they wanted was a controversy, and they created it.

It’s unfortunate that in this day and age releasing unverified ‘news’ through a wire for a company someone isn’t even involved with isn’t illegal yet.

Joe Jerkoff is in the state of California where he could sue the state if he thinks it’s raining too much for his liking.

Bottom line is we think George Sharp was either short himself millions of shares or teamed up with the short sellers to release this bullshit ‘news’, and smack the company down to almost nothing.

What wouldn’t people do for tens of millions right?

They are the 1% and we are once again paying for their greed. The 99% needs to stand together.

If you were selling into this craziness you may be as much to blame as these guys. Why would someone panic when faced with unfounded information?

These guys just stole so much money from AMWI holders it’s not even funny.

If you lost money yesterday you can clearly blame this George Sharp guy, and you may want to go have a chat with him in San Diego.

This guy is a serial manipulator, and if you don’t believe us here is the proof.

He has sued almost half a dozen companies in the past few months hoping to make a few bucks off the whole thing. How can anyone believe anything this guy does?

If you didn’t buy AMWI yet, now might be the time to consider? It’s trading at dirt cheap right now… 25 cents. It was at $1.50 yesterday which shows it clearly holds the potential to trade that high and even higher.

None of the fundamentals have changed, and it is still as solid as it was before the ridiculous ‘news’ came out.

The truth is it seems like it was way oversold yesterday, and may bounce dramatically today as people realize that there was no reason to jump ships so quickly on unfounded information.

Look at all the facts:

  • AMWI is sitting on cutting edge technologies.
  • AMWI is beating sales records
  • AMWI is operating in the hottest sectors such as Cloud Computing which Microsoft, Google and many others want a piece of.
  • AMWI has applications for the leading manufacturers’ devices iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Skype and so on.

You are smart; do you really think it should have taken the hit it did yesterday?

Don’t you think it’s oversold?

Do you not think it deserves the trust we had put in it so far? It is clear that Joe Blow and the short sellers have their own agenda, and we have shown you that it is not the first time he does something like that.

The man is a criminal and should be prosecuted for manipulation, but at the end of the day you can’t trade a company by listening to him.

AMWI released an official statement yesterday saying that it will defend the action and seek damages. In our opinion it could be a successful defense and AMWI could be awarded millions or tens of millions for this little ordeal.

George Sharp isn’t even represented by counsel! How ridiculous is that? It just goes to show that any Joe Blow can say anything, and create any lawsuit he wants, whenever he wants for any reason he wants. Don’t you think that he’s following the short-sellers’ agenda?

These guys make TONS of money when the price crashes. Don’t be the victim. Stand up against these guys.

The 99% finally has an edge that the 1% (wall street brokers, bankers and other scrupulous people) can fear so use it!

Patience is key in situations like this.

Holding the fort solidly could pay off in a big way.

AMWI recently announced they have acquired, and is planning a large scale launch of this new technology. is a virtual Cloud based 256 bit key secured digital safe deposit box where users can access, store, share, transfer and backup digital information in an ultra secure Cloud based, private and encrypted location. Users will be able to access and share critical data of virtually any size without FTP requirements or lengthy uploads instantaneously from anywhere in the world.

“With headline reports from  Security News Daily  like ‘2011 Set to be the Worst Year Ever for Security Breaches,’ and the list of already breached companies including Sony, RSA, Lockheed Martin, Epsilon, JP Morgan Chase, Fox Broadcast network, NSA,  PBS , and giants like Citigroup, it seemed a virtually mandatory to source and acquire an asset that can me make available for both personal, corporate, and industrial uses for an extremely low price,” stated CEO  Jason Gerteisen .

Amwest’s anticipated retail launch of LokDrop will be  Feb 06, 2012  with annual pricing being set  $99  per year. It is Amwest’s continued goals to provide the highest quality products at a price that every corporate, government, retail, industrial, or personal user can afford to target as much of this multi-billion dollar sector as possible while providing the best products available.

Competitive advantages of that sets it apart is that users will be able to distribute large files to associates, collaborate with people or groups World Wide while working on the same file, securely access documents away from an office and reduce network load by eliminating the need for large email attachments, all while utilizing 256 bit key encryption whether by single side, or dual users interacting with respective keys uniquely combining to create an unbreakable, hackable, or recoverable code.

AMWI is as solid as it was 2 days ago.

Don’t let outrageous things influence your smart judgment.

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