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Penny Stock Alert: iPhone “App” could lead to $6 Billion in Revenue

Amwest Imaging, Inc. (AMWI.OB) began trading recently on the OTC markets and has made some very aggressive moves in the last few days.

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On November 17, AMWI announced they have completed the final acquisition of all of the outstanding shares of Instant Website Technology Inc. On November 18, AMWI announced it had officially completed and signed a marketing and technology Joint Venture with eMarketTeam Holdings, LLC. On November 21, AMWI announced the completion of the acquisition of Zipclik Technologies.

On November 22, AMWI announced the launch of its unique SMS/Mobile marketing package as a part of the monthly services available to clients of (“MRW”). Then earlier today, AMWI announced it has completed the development of its iPad and iPod touch Application and is currently pending approval release on Apple’s app store.

Today’s news of the completion of the Zipclik iPad and iPod touch application provides the ability to utilize peer to peer powerfully 256 AES encryption for voice calls between iPhone and iPad, and iPad and landline users. This allows hundreds of millions of mainstream Skype, AIM, iChat, and other (VOIP) users as well as iPhone users complete privacy through voice (VOIP) and data encryption. For $99 USD users can download a version of the ZipClik 256 AES Encryption privacy key software; which will prove a powerful and innovative solution to ensure secure and private conversation, and data transfer.

FACT: Over 600 million registered world wide users of Skype alone, of which most are unaware that their voice file transfer and messaging services are NOT secure to third parties; all of which are viable candidates for Zipclik’s $99.00 USD software package.

Even with just 15% of Skype’s more that 600 million users, AMWI would book more than 5.94 Billion Dollars in bookable revenue.

There are several companies offering web-based solutions, but the following 2 have a niche in the restaurant/hospitality industry:

Open Table, Inc., (OPEN) utilizes similar technologies and platforms as AMWI, but their function is to get out information about various restaurants then allow users to make online reservations. “OPEN” stock is currently trading at $38.00 per share.

Intuit Inc. (INTU) purchased Homestead Technologies Inc. for $170 million. Homestead offers two ecommerce solutions to customers of its webhosting services: users can add a PayPal shopping cart to its basic service, or they can use Homestead Storefronts, which is based on eBay’s ProStores technology.

AMWI is a Penny Stock worth watching as their aggressive moves could pay off for them very quickly which is great news for investors.

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