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“Get a Job” and “Occupy a Desk!”

Here’s an idea: Instead of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Occupy Congress. The WhisperonWallStreet is that people are making money, lots of money.  We just had the best earnings reporting quarter we have seen in years only to have it covered in Greece.  Congress is who is bankrupting the economy by stripping spending and pushing the spending cuts for their own political reasons. And then Oil peaks its little head out and tops $100 yesterday which brings us to today’s post:

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5 Oil Stocks Worth Watching:

BioFuel Energy Corp. (BIOF) $0.97 November 17th, 1,330,850 avg. volume, 52 week high of $2.05

Penny Stocks That Rise - AimHighProfits

BIOF released their financials on Thursday showing a net profit of $2,193,000 after 3 consecutive quarters reporting net losses. This is truly a penny stock to watch after the recent gains in PEIX. Ethanol stocks have been on fire this month as global demand for corn-based biofuel sends exports to all-time highs. Ethanol prices have increased 20% the past year as the appetite for biofuels grows and an expiring tax credit has boosted domestic demand. The United States is dominating the ethanol race.

AlumiFuel Power Corp. (AFPW.OB) $0.0018 : November 17th, 542,490 avg. volume, 52 week high of $0.06

Penny Stocks To Watch - AimHighProfits

AlumiFuel Power Corporation (OTC.BB: AFPW.OB), announced Thursday that its unique technology was featured in a presentation to the premier annual U.S. fuel cell conference last week. On November 2, AFPW’s power plant partner and systems integrator, Ingenium Technologies of Rockford, Illinois, presented the current state of development of their Integrated Hybrid Fuel Cell Power System for UUV applications at the annual Fuel Cell Seminar and Exposition in Orlando, Florida.

ATP Oil & Gas Corp. (ATPG) $7.20 : November 17th, 2.351.820 avg. volume, 52 week high of $21.40

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ATP Oil & Gas Corp. rose 8.1 percent to $7.20 making it one of the 10 biggest percentage gainers on Nasdaq at the close of trading Thursday. ATPG shares were sinking to 52-week lows earlier this week on fears the explorer was running out of cash. Chief Executive T. Paul Bulmahn and Director Burt Adams, a pair of insiders, gave the stock a vote of confidence, buying big blocks of shares. ATP Oil & Gas Corporation, ATPG, engages in the acquisition, development, and production of oil and natural gas properties in the Gulf of Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the Dutch sectors of the North Sea.

Dejour Energy Inc. (DEJ) $0.37: November 17th, 508,628 avg. volume, 52 week high of $0.53

Oil and BioFuel Stocks to Watch AimHighProfits

DEJ announced Wednesday that it has commenced the drilling of the third well into the Woodrush oil pool ahead of schedule and in time to receive a 10% royalty discount from the BC government at its 75% owned Woodrush project in the Peace River Arch, NE British Columbia.  Dejour Energy Inc. engages in acquiring, exploring, and developing energy projects with a focus on oil and gas exploration in Canada and the United States. Penny Stocks like DEJ could see huge gains with news that it has located reserves with oil prices on the rise.

Clean Power Concepts, Inc. (CPOW.PK) $0.03: November 17th, 459,962 avg. volume, 52 week high of $0.52

Pink Sheet and OTC Stocks to Watch AimHighProfits

CPOW.PK saw an unusual increase in trade volume on Thursday.  Over 4.68 million shares traded, 10 times higher than the average trade volume on no news at all. CPOW.PK, through its subsidiary, General Bio Energy Inc., operates an integrated commercial oilseed crushing, bio-diesel refinery, environmental lubricants manufacturing and bottling, and nutraceutical and food processing plant in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Is CPOW.PK a scam? Is it a pump and dump? Is it a penny Stock to Watch? Day traders want to know. reviews top moving stocks statistics with insider trading facts to uncover the best penny stocks that have noteworthy percentage gains on any given trading day.  Centered on AHP’s findings, top traded stocks with substantial insider trading activities usually outperform those without insider trade activity.

We do not hold any positions in any of the above mentioned penny stocks and have no plans of making any investment in any of them in the next 72 hours.

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