2011 Ending the Global Financial Gloom?

Hello readers,

The End of 2011 is near and Investors have many things to be optimistic of:

  • Obama’s term is coming to end – Election Years have always provided massive gains in the markets.
  • $4 Billion – Berkshire Hathaway, investment company run by Warren Buffet, authorizes a buyback of its own shares.
  • Europe is Sick but the European Central Bank is coming to the rescue.
  • Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Chairman Jack Ma said he’s “very interested” in buying Yahoo! Inc.
  • Facebook will IPO and everyone will “Like” it whether Facebook is valued at $80 billion or $100 billion.
It only takes a small pebble to make great ripples.  Investors are dog-tired of these long winded interviews of fat-cat CEO’s and politicians making these claims of recovery plans and security.  Hence the leap of investors back into the surging penny stock, or as the brits call it, penny share markets.  
The penny stock market is booming. Example: May 27, 2010 OceanFreight, Inc. (Nasdaq:OCNF) was trading at $0.48. It closed Sept. 30, 2011 at $17.75. That’s a $17.27 Gain, 3,598% PROFIT! Not many times will these type of returns or timing be obtainable, but trading penny shares in between the runs is a simple way to target higher profits than what 401k and big board blue chip trading is returning these days.
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